Lean Pockets Debuts Online Interactive Soap Opera

Jan. 3, 2013

LEAN POCKETS® brand sandwiches from Nestle USA has debuted a new soap opera “As the Pocket Turns” to bring a little entertainment (and extra help in the decision making) to the consumer. In “As the Pocket Turns” (Facebook.com/LeanPockets), the lead character faces a tough decision in the New Year. As viewers tune into the interactive drama, it is left up to them to choose the character’s own ending. At the end of the main video, viewers are encouraged to “choose wisely.”

As part of the soap opera launch, the LEAN POCKETS brand commissioned a survey around making New Year’s resolutions and what choices Americans face when it comes to improving their lifestyles. According to the survey, conducted by independent market research firm Toluna, 1,000 men and women nationwide were asked if they had made resolutions, whether they could keep their resolutions, and what they wanted to resolve or improve most in 2013.

“This time of year, many of us are trying to make improvements when it comes to our lives - career, daily life, healthier living and relationships,” said spokesperson Roz O’Hearn of NestléUSA, in a prepared statement. “Everyone loves making a fresh start and better choices in the New Year. LEAN POCKETS is a great choice for food that fits with a healthy lifestyle. No matter the goal, we wish everyone success in keeping their resolutions.”

Among the survey findings from respondents who admit to making resolutions, the majority (62 percent) resolved to exercise more and more than half (59 percent) intend to eat better in the New Year. Even more shocking, both men and women have little faith that they will keep their New Year’s Resolutions for good, as only 7 percent of women believed they could stick to their goals, versus just 5 percent of men.



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