Cue the nostalgia: Creme Savers is back

Aug. 27, 2021

After a decade off the market, the famed Creme Savers brand is back. The absent, but hardly forgotten, iconic red and white swirled strawberries and creme hard candies were missed by fans who banded together demanding their return.

The revival comes during a time when consumers yearn for a return to simpler and happier times, said Iconic Candy LLC, which has pioneered returning long sought-after confections exactly the way they were.

Creme Savers was a candy made by Nabisco in 1998. They are a spinoff candy of Life Savers, but with creamy flavors and without the hole. The line was discontinued in 2011.

During its heyday, Creme Savers hard candies came in fruit, tropical and dessert swirled creme blends. During their initial reintroduction, Creme Savers will be available in Strawberries & Creme and Orange & Creme flavors in the original peg bag and roll formats.

Iconic Candy worked with Mars Wrigley in reformulating the original flavor profiles.

Creme Savers candies will be available nationwide starting mid-September.

Iconic Candy is a family-owned company that specializes in reviving discontinued brands and returning them to market in their original format. In addition to Creme Savers, its portfolio includes Reeds, Regal Crown and BarNone. The revival of more retired confectionery brands is in the works.


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