Gummi Product Becomes A NEXTY Award Winner

April 7, 2020

Albanese Confectionery Group Inc. answers consumer demand for flavorful candy

ULTIMATE™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™, a new and unique gummi line from Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc., was just announced as the WINNER in the Natural Products Expo West 2020 NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards. Albanese, whose fans deem the “World’s Best” gummies, elevates the gummi tasting experience in their new ULTIMATE™ line by using their signature texture, one-of-a-kind juicy true-to-fruit natural flavors, and colors from real fruits and vegetables.

The ULTIMATE™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™ are being recognized as a Consumer Choice in the category of Food & Beverage on the NEXTY internationally coveted list. "We are thrilled the consumers loved our new product as much as we do,” said Bethany Albanese. “Taste and texture have always been our bottom-line, and we have never cut a single corner on ingredients. The ULTIMATE™ line is no exception. We crafted each flavor with care, skill, and passion. We’re also proud to say that these gummies have natural flavors, colors from fruits and vegetables, are gluten free, fat free, MSG free, dairy free, and they are made in the USA.”

Through the New Hope Network, the NEXTY Awards recognize innovative, inspirational, and integrity-driven products in the natural products industry. The NEXTY Consumer Choice Award winner is determined by 1000 health-focused consumers who elected to sample products from NEXTY and provide valuable feedback on their products.

The ULTIMATE™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™:

  • Earned a 5 star rating in the NEXTY Consumer Choice sampler program.
  • Earned a 5 star rating by the majority of organic eaters and Whole Foods and Sprouts shoppers participating in the NEXTY Consumer Choice sampler program.
  • Earned a healthy, innovative, and inspiring ranking by over 90% of NEXTY consumers who look for organic, low sugar products.
  • Earned a high purchase/positive intent to purchase rating by nearly 90% of Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, and Sprouts shoppers.

The ULTIMATE™ line offers eight innovative flavors: the sharply sweet Alphonso Mango, the freshly superior Amity Raspberry, the signature Asian Pear, the earthy Black Currant, the intense Blood Orange, the powerful Crimson Cranberry, the honey-sweet Fuji Apple, and the bold Queen Pineapple.

“The Ultimate™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™ really take flavor profiles to the ultimate level,” said Dominique Albanese. “The variety of unique real fruit flavors give your palate the experience of biting into the actual fruit. From the skin on the outside, to the juicy flesh on the inside, your taste buds will be begging for the next flavor.”

About Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc.

Albanese is a manufacturer, retailer, and distributor. For over 30 years, Albanese has been making the World's Best Gummies and Candy in the United States. For years we've had a simple recipe for success, putting flavor and texture first, always finding a better way, and never taking ourselves too seriously.

Our gummies and chocolate taste different because we are di erent. All of our gummies and chocolates are made at our factory located in the heart of the Midwest and produced with only the highest quality ingredients sourced exclusively from American and European growers. Look for the Gummi with the “A” on the Tummy™ to make sure you have the World’s Best in your hands.

To learn more about Albanese, visit or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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