Mintel: Texture Will Be The Next Big Thing In Chocolate

Aug. 31, 2018

Market intelligence company Mintel predicts that the new trend in chocolate will include textures that draw on the senses, according to a recent blog. Product manufacturers will entice consumers with chocolate that incorporate a combination of sound, feel, and satisfactions that texture can provide. It offers seven examples of recently launched products that fit in with this new idea of chocolate with texture (only two in the U.S.). 

  • Kaiser BoBa Chocolate (Taiwan)
  • Sugarpova Milk Chocolate Covered Gummy Lips (US)
  • REESE’S Outrageous! Pieces (US)
  • Dia Delicious Trufas Flakes (Spain)
  • Cru Sauvage Chocolat Cru Fondant (France)
  • Lindt Macarons Mischung Vollmich-Schokolade mit Gebäck- und Gerösteten Mandelstückchen (Germany)
  • M&S Milk Chocolate Chewy Caramel Biscuit Bites (Ireland)


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