Kraft Targets Teens With iD Gum Brand And Marketing

Oct. 3, 2012

Landor Associates, a global creative community of brand strategists and designers, announces the launch of its packaging design for Kraft Foods’ iD Gum. The new gum, aimed at a core audience of teen gum chewers, is accompanied by the launch of the iD ArtCade, a social media companion and game portal on Facebook and tablets. The ArtCade uses the packaging design to help players unlock and heighten the experience of some games. 

According to Landor, Teens today are looking to emotionally connect with their brands. Thanks to the use of unique packaging and original art, iD Gum really puts discovery into action for teens. It’s delivered in a semi-transparent cellophane wrapper that hints at what’s inside the pack. Once unwrapped, the pack reveals original artwork sourced by Landor from young emerging artists from around the world.  

“The concept behind the packaging was to inspire teens to explore and discover new things through play,” explains Dale Doyle, creative director in Landor’s Cincinnati office, in a prepared statement.  “In order to incorporate this concept, there is a cellophane wrap on the pack with a patterned design that partially hides the artwork and invites the teen to take a look at what lies inside. The packaging had to facilitate interactivity between the teen, the gum, their peers, the games, and ultimately the brand itself.”

To encourage teens to expand their own curiosity, Landor researched art by young artists from diverse backgrounds, artistic styles, and multiple techniques, from countries like Argentina, the Maldives, Spain, Sweden, the U.K., U.S., and others, to arrive at a select few that embody this spirit. One example is Johnny Ruzzo, (21), an artist based in the U.S., who lent his artistic craftsmanship to the project and draws his inspiration from whatever resonates with him in the moment. His style and vision coincides with this demographic that indulges in what strikes his/her interest in the moment.


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