Medical Author Claims Chocolate Holds Secret To Healthy Diet

Aug. 2, 2012

According to Dr. Will Clower Ph.D., if one seeks out the right kind of chocolate, and consumes it using healthful eating behaviors, what once was decadent now can become healthy. Dr. Clower cites research that finds chocolate may boost memory, attention span, reaction time and problem-solving skills by increasing blood flow to the brain.

"People don't often associate chocolate as a health food but it is if you eat it the right way," says Dr. Clower in a prepared statement. "Once you understand how to eat chocolate, it will open up a whole new way of eating chocolate and other foods so it becomes a way of life—not a diet. And this makes 'chocolate eating' the perfect metaphor for correct healthful eating."

Dr. Will Clower is author of "The Fat Fallacy: Applying the French Diet to the American Lifestyle" and "Path to the Mediterranean Life Style." Dr. Clower will provide his signature "Chocolate Eating Lessons" at the “Marvelous Me! A Journey of Renewal” weekend September 7-9, 2012 at Lakeway Resort and Spa

The doctor offers some valuable lessons on the right way to eat chocolate:  

Eat the dark chocolateAs popular as milk chocolate is, it's the dark chocolate that's healthful.  What gives chocolate its trove of amazing health properties is cocoa.  So, to gain the health benefits, choose the rich dark chocolate – the higher cocoa content the better.

Understand the benefits: Chocolate acts like an antibiotic as well as an anti-platelet akin to aspirin.  It raises good cholesterol, lowers bad cholesterol, and its polyphenols can prevent the DNA damage that can lead to tumor formation.  Flavenoids and flavenols (compounds also found in grapes, apples, tea, and other plant/foods) are found in high concentrations in cocoa.  Flavenoids are proven to keep blood healthy, prevent cell damage and inflammation.

"The bottom line is eat small, be small," says Dr. Clower." "No real food is bad for you, if eaten in control. Healthy cultures eat rich foods like chocolate, butter, breads--all of these things and remain fabulously healthy precisely because they eat those foods in control."

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