Podcast: How storytelling can help convenience services operators supercharge communication with clients and prospects

March 19, 2024
Storytelling is a powerful way to communicate with people – personally and in business. Knowing the fundamentals and understanding certain key strategies can make a difference when using storytelling to help clients and prospects make the right choices.

In our previous podcast episode featuring Linda Saldana of Seventh Wave Refreshments, she made a reference to storytelling – a sales technique that Vending & OCS Nation podcast host Bob Tullio has written and spoken about on numerous occasions over the years, including a recent Best of OCS column that was also featured in the monthly VendingMarketWatch OCS Operator newsletter.

It’s not surprising that Linda brought up storytelling in the podcast, since every great salesperson is a storyteller, and she has certainly been a standout for quite some time. Tullio has his own theories about business storytelling and shares some of them in this episode. He also interviewed a couple of genuine storytelling experts – Todd Dewitt and Erik Eklund – who speak globally on the subject and have unique perspectives on storytelling.


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