Podcast: Powerful advice from Donna Serdula – the LinkedIn profile expert

Aug. 22, 2023
Businesspeople pay Donna Serdula and her team to teach them how to 'SOAR' on LinkedIn, but for our listeners, this powerful advice is available on the latest Vending & OCS Nation podcast.

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Anyone who uses LinkedIn on a regular basis as a business development tool or to enhance their career path will be captivated by this episode of Automatic Merchandiser's Vending & OCS Nation podcast, hosted by Bob Tullio.

Serdula was initially unimpressed by LinkedIn when she first signed up almost 20 years ago, but as she took a closer look, she began to see the potential and the rest is history. She wrote the book “LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies.” She has lectured around the world and her company, Vision Board Media, founded in 2009, is recognized as the pioneer of LinkedIn profile optimization and it is where many executives turn for professional and employer branding.

This podcast and Donna’s energy will light a fire under your LinkedIn engagement effort. If you have neglected your LinkedIn profile, it could very well inspire you to freshen it up and get back in the game.