Podcast: What is going on with all these acquisitions?

June 5, 2023
In this episode of Vending & OCS Nation, host Bob Tullio explores the recent flurry of acquisition activity and offers some strategies to help operators prosper when a big national operator buys a strong local competitor.

Vending & OCS Nation podcast host Bob Tullio heard a definite buzz on the convention floor at the 2023 NAMA Show, May 10-12, in Atlanta. The question being asked: “What is going on with all of these acquisitions?” 

In this podcast, Tullio looks for the answers, talking to a leading industry broker who provides the inside scoop on what is driving the recent acquisition activity – from both a buyer and seller perspective. Plus, Tullio offers some strategies that can help an independent operator exist comfortably (even more profitably) in the giant shadow of their new national competitor.


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Podcast: What blew you away at the 2023 NAMA Show in Atlanta?

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In this episode of Automatic Merchandiser’s Vending & OCS Nation podcast, host Bob Tullio speaks to operators and suppliers on the convention floor at the 2023 NAMA Show.
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How to react when industry consolidation hits close to home

May 16, 2023
If the landscape has suddenly changed in your market area, there are certain steps you can take to strengthen your company’s position.
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Vending & OCS Nation

Podcast: Three business development strategies that are built for 2023

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Q&A: Mike Kelner looks back at 2022 and forward to a busy 2023

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