Cantaloupe Inc. partners with Monumental Markets to implement Seed Markets platform

April 18, 2024
Monumental Markets implements Cantaloupe’s Seed Markets platform to enhance operational efficiency and address critical challenges in its 500+ micro market and pantry locations.

Cantaloupe Inc., a leading provider of end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce, announced it has partnered with Monumental Markets to enhance operational efficiency and address critical challenges in its 500+ micro market and pantry locations. Monumental Markets, a two-time NAMA Operator of the Year, is known for its innovative approach in the competitive Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland market. By utilizing Cantaloupe’s Seed Markets platform, Monumental Markets aims to streamline operations, improve scheduling and elevate the guest experience.

“Seed Markets provides a complete platform that seamlessly integrates a customer’s various hardware providers into one view, enabling significant time and cost savings in service visits, inventory management, route scheduling and reporting,” Ravi Venkatesan, CEO of Cantaloupe Inc., said in the announcement. “We’re thrilled to implement our solutions into Monumental Markets’ business to enhance their operational efficiency and drive growth for their business.”

Monumental Markets encountered difficulties managing two separate micro market systems and one OCS pantry system, which resulted in challenges with month-end subsidy billing, inventory management and route scheduling. These obstacles not only hindered efficiency but also impacted profitability. To address these issues and gain better visibility into its business, Monumental Markets sought a streamlined solution. With the implementation of Seed Markets, its operations have significantly improved, reducing manual labor and optimizing efficiency. The reliance on excel spreadsheets and SQL databases has been replaced, resulting in greater improvements across its business.

“With Seed Markets, you literally hit a button and it is done,” Craig Kushner, president of Monumental Markets, said in the announcement. "What once required days of manual work is now accomplished effortlessly, allowing us to reallocate our resources towards growth and service excellence. Having everything on one system allows us to move away from static scheduling to dynamic scheduling, which significantly enhances our service levels and drives productivity.”

The addition of the Seed Driver app has also provided transparency into service visits, with drivers leveraging the photo feature to capture post-service images remotely. This has been instrumental in meeting customer expectations and ensuring service quality.

"Our mission at Cantaloupe is to provide innovative solutions that empower our clients to overcome their operational challenges and achieve sustainable growth,” Venkatesan continued in the announcement. “The success of Monumental Markets with Seed Markets validates how our platform can transform micro market management and provide complete visibility into a business.”


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