Urban Value Corner Store partners with Juxta to offer micro market within luxury apartments

March 7, 2024
Urban Value Corner Store has selected Juxta to pioneer its autonomous solution to offer residents a convenient retail experience.

Texas-based Urban Value Corner Store (UVCS) has selected North Carolina-based Juxta to pioneer its autonomous micro market solution within luxury apartment communities. The two companies are partnering to join Juxta’s newest initiative, called “Nest” – an autonomous micro market kit for indoor environments – with Urban Value's strong brand presence in upscale living environments. Together, they are offering residents a convenient retail experience on their doorstep.

Steve McKinley, founder and CEO of Urban Value Corner Store, said in the announcement: “Our partnership with JUXTA enables us to enhance the urban living experience by bringing unparalleled convenience and state-of-the-art, unstaffed retail solutions quite literally to residents’ doorsteps. But we’re not only elevating convenience by integrating JUXTA’s cutting-edge technology, we are also providing multi-unit property developers with a unique amenity that sets their properties apart in a very competitive market.”

JUXTA’s addition of Project Nest to its product portfolio underscores the brand’s commitment to innovation in the retail sector, supported by the robust backing of Vontier, a global leader in industrial technology. Together, JUXTA and Urban Value Corner Store are transforming the micro market landscape, offering an innovative solution that meets the evolving needs of urban consumers and luxury apartment residents. 

Steve Liguori, co-founder and chief marketing officer at JUXTA, added in the announcement: "We are thrilled to join forces with Urban Value Corner Store. This collaboration is more than a sales partnership; it's a shared vision to enhance how communities interact with retail. By integrating our autonomous retail technology with Urban Value’s market presence in luxury apartments across the U.S., we're not just changing the landscape of urban retail; we're setting a new standard for convenience and accessibility.”

Any consumer can shop at the Juxta-built store with a traditional debit or credit card, or a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay. They shop the store like any other retail space. The AI computer vision system paired with advanced shelf sensors builds their basket in real time. When it’s time to check out, the consumer can instantly review their basket at the checkout screen or just walk out. They can also have a receipt sent to their phone upon leaving the store.

About Juxta

Juxta is a global technology company and B2B micro convenience solutions provider, supporting the convenience retail, micro market, and EV charging sectors with autonomous micro-stores. Founded in North Carolina in 2022, Juxta is a corporate startup operating in the retail technologies sector within Vontier Corporation, a world leading supplier of transportation, fueling, e-mobility, and retail payment technologies. Juxta operates as a sister company to Gilbarco Veeder-Root, also a subsidiary of the Vontier Corporation. 

Juxta is positioned to provide the micro market sector with the instant, effortless and efficient retail solutions it requires, while offering the same advantages to numerous other retail and transportation sectors. Juxta deployed its first autonomous store in North Carolina in May 2023, and since then, its portable autonomous stores have been deployed in over half a dozen locations across the U.S.