Aramark introduces edible, single-use straws at UK adventure sites

Sept. 13, 2023
Aramark UK partners with the company, Edible Straws, to address global challenge of disposable straws and offer a tasty, eco-friendly option.

Aramark UK partnered with Edible Straws to offer a sustainable solution to single-use straws, reinforcing Aramark's commitment to the environment and sustainability across Merlin sites in the U.K., such as Chessington World of Adventure Resort, Legoland Windsor Resort and Alton Towers Resort.

Edible Straws emerged as a sustainable alternative by a group of individuals united with a common goal to develop an enjoyable substitute for plastic and paper straws. With a commitment to address the global challenge of disposable straws, the company offers a tasty and eco-friendly option.

Edible Straws are made from 100% natural sugars and come in various flavors – from fruity bursts to chocolaty indulgences, enhancing the beverage experience. 

Visitors to Dragon Delights at Chessington World of Adventure Resort, Legoland Windsor Resort’s Wizards Frozen Wonders and Alton Towers Resort’s Coach House Confectionery can indulge in Edible Straws with their Freakshake milkshakes. The straws are included free of charge with each milkshake.

Daniel Clark, Aramark Merlin account director, said in the announcement: "By introducing Edible Straws across our sites, we are taking a significant step forward in reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable choices for our valued clients. With Edible Straws now available at iconic Merlin, we aim to inspire visitors of all ages to contribute to a more sustainable planet."