FoodSpot announces launch of its vending concept for U.S. market

May 27, 2022

FoodSpot is a vending concept that launched in the U.S market January 2022. The platform has operated in five other countries since 2015. According to Nathan Downs, CEO of FoodSpot, pandemic-related shifts in consumer behavior prompted the launch in the U.S. 

"Our company represents third wave vending for the American market. For many decades, salty, sweet and shelf stable products were the name of the game. Around 2005, the second wave introduced us to micro markets with convenience store nutrition and honor system self-checkout," Downs said in the announcement.

He added, "Third wave vending features secure microstores with restaurant-quality food. Popular locations include 24 hour (university, hospital and airport), lifestyle (condo, office and gym) and underserved (manufacturing, logistics and impoverished) markets. Beyond convenience and quality, third wave vending communicates a brand forward experience targeted to the specific demographic of each building."

Brands and corporations can stream content on 4- x 2-foot LCD screens.

Downs said, "Third wave vending also includes omnichannel communications to facilitate a deeper connection between brands and consumers wherever they are. Operator dashboards display real-time sales and expiration across their fleet as well as remote hardware management.

"We have assembled a best-in-class team with decades of foodservice and engineering experience to tailor our approach for American operators and consumers,” Downs added.