Cantaloupe’s Seed platform helps Continental Services streamline its operation and drive acquisition growth

May 26, 2022
Use of Seed Pro, Seed Office, and Seed Delivery have transformed Continental Services’ entire operation.

Cantaloupe Inc., a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for the unattended retail market, is changing the way vending companies service their customers with Cantaloupe’s Seed platform. From vending and micro markets to pantry and office coffee services, Seed helps operators manage their entire business with innovative solutions for field truck drivers, back-of-house support, warehouse, purchasing and billing teams.

One of those operators is Continental Services, which offers a variety of services for its multiple businesses, including vending, micro markets, and office coffee, pantry and dining services. Continental Services has been using Cantaloupe’s Seed platform of products since September 2020 to optimize its entire operation and even drive acquisition growth and expansion.

“Since implementing Seed we’ve seen about a 15% increase in our average revenue per route,” Tim McAra, senior vice president of Refreshment Services Group with Continental, said in the announcement. “Using Seed has allowed us to be at the right place exactly when we need to be versus over-servicing or under-servicing an account. I have to say, you won’t find an easier system to use, that’s simple to train on, and be able to manage your business in a way that you always hoped you could.”

“We’re always excited to see customers like Continental Services reap the instant benefits of increased efficiencies and higher profitability by moving onto the Seed platform,” Jeff Dumbrell, CRO of Cantaloupe Inc., added in the announcement. “One of the biggest values of Seed is the visibility it gives operators into their entire operation. Continental has been able to leverage the use of Seed in their growth and acquisition strategy by helping connect operators together and bring thousands of machines online quickly into their back-office systems. Using Seed helps ensure that businesses like Continental can deliver the experience they want every time to their customers and consumers.”

One of the key areas of growth for Continental has been acquisitions. With the help of Seed, Continental Services has been able to seamlessly integrate new businesses into its operation, including the recent acquisition of Coin Op Canteen. 

“The value of the partnership between Cantaloupe and Continental is that it is truly a partnership,” McAra said in the announcement. “Both parties listen to each other and work together collaboratively to find solutions. Cantaloupe has a really good understanding of what our issues are, what we face in the industry, and are very open to listening to our feedback when we want to push the envelope on things or improve things.”

To learn more about Continental’s use of Seed, watch this video story.


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