Poland's c-store giant Żabka now operates Europe’s largest autonomous chain powered by AiFi

Feb. 4, 2022

Żabka Group is now the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe after launching 25 AI-powered stores. Dubbed Żabka Nano, the unattended retail concept enables quick shopping without checkout clerks, lines or cash to sell products precisely matched to location and customer demographics.

The stores operate in several formats, such as standalone shipping container-inspired stores, traditional brick-and-mortar and store-within-a-store points of sale. Each leverages AI-powered computer vision technology created through close cooperation with American technology company AiFi.

Poznan, Poland-based Żabka Group is the owner of the largest convenience chain in Poland, with more than 7,900 stores. Some 1,100 of those stores opened in 2021.

In partnership with AiFi, Żabka Group created the Żabka Nano autonomous concept and opened the first store in June 2021 in Poznań, then quickly expanded to 25 locations across Poland within six months. Through an integration with the Żappka mobile application, which is already used by over 8 million users, it co-created an ecosystem of digital services for enhanced customer convenience.

Żabka Nano’s autonomous stores are in operation in six cities in Poland in city centers, railway stations and universities, among other high-traffic sites.


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