Avanti Markets Upgrades Planograms

Sept. 3, 2020

The company has updated planograms with improved features, offering a better operator experience.  

RENTON, WA – September 1, 2020: Avanti Markets has released a set up upgrades to its planograms feature to improve usability and benefits for operators.  

For the Avanti Markets operator network, the updated features mean increased efficiency and control over changes to their market layouts and product mix. 

Planograms are a visual representation of micro markets including product locations and quantities within the market. The planograms tool within the Avanti Markets System (AMS) helps operators quickly setup a market with product layout and inventory planning.

“With these new features, operators will get the most out of planograms to enhance efficiency in their operations, said John Reilly, president of Avanti Markets. “This is especially important right now given that our industry has been hit hard by Covid-19 and operational efficiency is incredibly vital.”

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, operators are needing to make adjustments to how and when they stock their shelves. Planograms can help easily reduce SKUs or adjust min/max stock levels. The tool also allows for quick changes to market layouts, leading to easier store resets based on activity levels.

Using planograms can help drivers be more efficient in stocking. They give the driver an easy visual of the market layout and how many of each product should be stocked in each location. 

Market managers can now easily print these planograms and handoff to their drivers to quickly make changes to an existing setup. Drivers will also see tags on the printouts of what has been changed so they can implement those changes without needing to compare to previous versions.

The Inactive Planogram feature allows operators to stage a market makeover ahead of time and make it active at a future date, so operators can plan ahead for new markets or market makeovers. Planograms can also be copied across locations to help standardize merchandising practices.

Operators can adjust min/max inventory numbers from the planograms screen instead of switching to another module in AMS. They can also reorder rows or drag and drop to swap or replace products.

These improvements to the planograms tool align with Avanti Markets’ commitment to the success of their operators.



Founded in 2009, Avanti Markets was founded by an operator who pioneered the micro market industry.  We continue to lead the micro market industry today. Our Avanti Markets’ transaction system is trusted by hundreds of market operators as the leading-edge micro market platform to build and grow their business.  Our back-end software integrates promotions, inventory management tools, pre-kitting systems and data warehousing infrastructure in order to help support Operators effectively manage their business.