Impulsify Brings Micro Markets To Apartment Buildings

June 12, 2020

Impulsify, a retail tech company, will design micro markets for six apartment communities on the East Coast. CEO Janine Williams notes the benefit of the company's technology and designs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Impulsify Tapped to Add Self-Service, Grab-and-Go Retail to 6 Apartment Communities

DENVER, June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Impulsify Inc. – Hospitality's Grab-and-Go retail innovator, Impulsify Inc., recently announced its arrival in the multi-family residential industry. The Denver-based retail tech company has been contracted to design upscale, self-service Grab-and-Go markets for six apartment communities on the East Coast.

The self-service stores will bring packaged snacks, quick meals, beverages and convenience items to common areas in residential apartment buildings to increase revenue per unit and provide a new, profitable community amenity for residents while taking social distancing in retail to a new level.

In a Covid-19 world, Impulsify's cashless, technology-driven markets allow residents to avoid close quarters and long lines at grocery stores to get their essentials with the convenience of shopping in their own building. The self-pay kiosk reduces the community's concern of Covid-related liabilities such as cashier proximity and cross-contamination when cashiers handle the food and currency in the transaction.

"During this time of uncertainty and shift in economic reliability, Impulsify's self-pay technology and easy to implement retail designs present property developers, owners, and managers with no previous retail experience, a turn-key solution designed to benefit both the property and the people who live in it," says Janine Williams – Impulsify CEO.

Functioning as a testing ground for Impulsify's retail design and self-service kiosk technology, Denver-based convenience store, Platte Street Mercantile, stands as tangible validation that Impulsify's on-premise residential retail model is highly effective for the apartments directly above the retail outlet. Instagram fitness influencer, Sarah Hipps is a regular at Platte Street Mercantile. "It's awesome and so necessary right now." She and the 500+ residents at Greystar's Commons Park West Apartments have embraced the convenience of an onsite convenience store and the safety and security self-service checkout provides.

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Impulsify provides self-service retail technology, design services, and business intelligence to maximize incremental revenue opportunities in commercial real estate common areas like hotel lobbies, co-working spaces, and multi-family residential complexes. Impulsify technology and design solutions completely automate retail deployment and management to increase profitability and minimize operational impact of unattended retail stores for non-retail businesses.


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