Marché Releases New Micro Market Solution For New York City

Feb. 13, 2020
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Marché Will Change How You Offer Benefits In The New York Breakroom

Introducing a bespoke micro-market solution that provides the healthy, high-end products young New York City professionals want in a contemporary self-checkout format that never looks empty and always offers a better company perk than traditional pantry service.

New York City, NY - Experience the next evolution in at-work refreshment for New York City companies - Marché. It’s a better way to keep employees engaged, encourage collaboration in the office, and ensure an overall high-level of morale for everyone. Marché replaces pantry service where employers spend a certain dollar amount per person per day to fill the breakroom with free food and drinks.  

“The problem we see in pantry is that because it’s limited to a per person budget, it gets stocked in the morning and by midday it’s depleted,” explains Brandon Mandile, Founder of Marché. “It’s not equitable to every person at the office either, despite being based on a per person figure. When the late afternoon slump hits, there are no refreshments left for those employees who need them.” 

Marché is the solution. The market is stocked all day because it’s not limited to an employer’s budget. Yet, the employer can still offer a stipend as an employee perk. The same amount per person that would have been spent on pantry service can be added as a credit in the Marché app and used to make a purchase at the market. This allows the benefit to be used by everyone, not just those who visit the pantry early. It also ensures a better selection of products. 

Better variety

The limited budget of pantry service usually means employees don’t get the items they really want.

“Healthy, current, and popular products are typically expensive,” says Brandon, “but that’s what the employees like. With pantry service, it is just cost prohibitive to offer them.”

Alternatively, everything offered in the Marché will resonate with young professionals that shop at elite retailers for premium products. More than 80 percent of the products are health-based items that are most in-demand, including vegan, non-GMO and specialty items. Marché staff attend the latest Fancy Food shows to find products. They also partner with small local eateries run by minorities and other small business owners that offer delicious food, bringing it right to the New York City office.

Better design

Inspired by the unique decor and atmosphere of technology companies in New York City, Marché embraced a custom look for its markets. A designer provides 3-D renderings of the space for Marché clients from product presentation spaces to areas for employees to meet.

“When you walk into a Marché, we want you to expect a certain high-end look, a certain product selection - it’s one of the reasons we picked the name Marché, the French word for markets,” says Brandon. “It separates us from the everyday micro-markets being offered elsewhere.”

Marché is currently placing markets in New York City. National expansion is expected in 2020 through partnerships with service providers in other major U.S. cities.

About Marché

Marché launched in November of 2019 as a startup dedicated to changing breakroom service for the better through custom micro-markets and a wide variety of trendy products found in gourmet food stores. For additional information about products, services or to contact someone about getting a Marché, please visit