Designed By Operators, For Operators, FrameWorks™ Displays Launches New Display Rack Solutions For Micro-Markets

Oct. 11, 2018

FrameWorks™ Displays announced the creation of easy-to-assemble, affordable, and streamlined racking systems for use in micro-markets. Struggling with the bulky fixtures, difficult assembly process, and cost of the available merchandising systems, the operators took it upon themselves to develop a product for their own use.  

To solve the issues that many operators have, FrameWorks™ Displays designed a new racking system. With the assistance of the manufacturer’s designers and engineers, they produced a new innovative solution. The patent pending racking system, FrameWorker™, addresses the need for portable, free-standing, customizable, and strong yet lightweight micro-market shelving systems with an added bonus — it is made in the USA.  

Traditional micro-market spaces include racking systems consisting of large, heavy, wooden fixtures. With its contemporary yet functional design of simple lines and modern customizable colors, the FrameWorker™ system uses an innovative combination of durable, waterproof metal racks with custom toppers and signs to create a light, welcoming space. Each standard-sized rack displays merchandise six feet high, and accommodates a wire grid wall of either two, three, four or eight feet wide that supports a combination of shelves, baskets, and hooks for holding product. To simplify the building process, each FrameWorker™ racking system arrives with everything needed for a quick, onsite assembly. 

Positive feedback from current clients and their customers reflects the initial response FrameWorks™ Displays had received. One client shared, "I like that it is so easy and quick to put together, and our customers like the clean, modern look.” Another client commented on the benefit of receiving all the parts from a single source; “It’s nice that you have everything you need to set up and display your products from one place.” A third client expressed their satisfaction with the ease of maintaining a clean and welcoming break room; “I like the contemporary look and how easy it is to clean around and under. It’s not bulky and overpowering, and it doesn’t make our room look small.”  

To learn more about the FrameWorker™ racking system and how it can improve the break room experience, please contact FrameWorks™ Displays at 563-263-9999 or Visit the website at


Our family business started in 1955 as a distributor for a major soft drink brand and grew to a full-line vending company in 2003. As micro-markets grew in popularity, we added them to our list of services, but we were challenged to find good quality, reasonably priced market fixtures that suited our needs. We decided to design our own market fixtures and began using them exclusively. After several requests to buy our system, we determined that it was time to enter the market. We spent a few years tweaking our design, beginning the patent and trademark registration process, and developing a marketing strategy. Today, FrameWorks™ Displays offers a high-quality, attractive, and simple system that is affordable for all markets. 


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Oct. 12, 2018
We are a family owned company dedicated to bringing a brand new, high quality micro-market product display system that is cost effective to the vending industry.