Imperial Upgrading Health Locks To Include Remote Monitoring

March 12, 2018

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL & Tulsa, OK — MARCH, 2018 -- TriTeq Lock & Security LLC, a solution provider of electronic locks and monitoring technology in vending and micro-market retail, announced a mulit-unit agreement with Imperial, a leading-edge micro market, vending, catering, corporate dining, and coffee services company. Imperial is an independent food service company with over 600 employees throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas. Imperial is committed to food safety and has been deploying the TriTeq Series 2000 FreshIQ Health Timer Locks across their micro-market based fresh food coolers and freezers for the past several years. In 2017, Imperial added the FreshTraq temperature monitoring system with remote lock/unlock. "The ability to see the temperature of refrigeration and the status of components is a huge advantage” said Craig Hunt, Chief Technology Officer. “We had a new client that was experiencing refrigeration issues during the busiest morning hours. We looked at the site history on the TriTeq portal and noticed that the door remained open much of the time, resulting in temperature spikes and a locked door. A service person was dispatched to realign the door. We remotely diagnosed the problem and quickly solved a thorny issue with a new client.” 

"Imperial has a long standing relationship with TriTeq, so we knew the FreshTraq monitoring system would be a robust solution right out of the gate” said Lance Whorton, President of Imperial. FreshTraq continuously monitors your refrigeration equipment and allows you to control your entire operation remotely. With FreshTraq you always know the exact temperature of your equipment saving guesswork and eliminating trips to your micro markets. 

The availability of fresh food in the workplace is a convenience enjoyed by consumers. The health-timer lock provides an extra level of certainty to the employee and business owner that the food served in the unattended market is safe. TriTeq’s Series 2000 FreshIQ lock continually monitors the temperature and the power source to the cooler. A function of time and over-temperature or a power outage will cause the cooler/freezer to lock and prevent the consumer from accessing product that is potentially unsafe.  

"TriTeq is committed to food safety-related products with technology that is simple to install and easy to diagnose for service. Our FreshTraq on-site monitoring systems are state-of-the-art and provide remote diagnostics, locking and unlocking from a computer or smartphone. We are pleased to expand our partnership with Imperial to provide remote monitoring technology on new and existing refrigeration products." said William Denison, Chief Executive Officer, TriTeq Lock & Security. 

About Series 2000 FreshIQ Health Timer Locks:  

Available for both single and double door models, the NAMA certified and NSF compliant FreshIQ lock can retrofit the following cooler and freezer manufacturers: Habco, Imbera, Liebherr, MinusForty, Mimet, Royal, QBD, True, Pro-Cool, FrigoGlass 

About FreshTraq Temperature Monitoring and Remote Lock/Unlock: 

Launched in March 2017, FreshTraq continuously monitors your refrigeration equipment and allows you to control your entire operation remotely. 

· Save time and money by eliminating trips to your micro market 

· No more guessing how your refrigeration equipment is performing 

· Always know the exact temperature of your equipment 

· Ability to check your equipment 24/7 

About TriTeq Lock & Security: 

TriTeq Lock & Security, LLC is a premier food safety technology provider in the unattended retail industry. TriTeq has been delivering the world’s most accurate and reliable electronic latching and security systems for over 13 years. 

TriTeq... securing your success! 

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