365 Retail Markets Announces 365 Connected Campus℠ With Global Market Accounts

Aug. 15, 2017

Troy, MI – August 15, 2017 – 365 Retail Markets, the global leader in MicroMarket technology – offering a best in class POS platform for the vending, foodservice and hospitality industry – proudly announces its new Connected Campus℠. The 365 Connected Campus provides foodservice operators with an innovative and connected portfolio of products to satisfy clients of all sizes. The platform seamlessly connects MicroMarket, OCS, vending and dining products with one Global Market Account (GMA) to create the first fully integrated consumer experience in the workplace.

“Our success in MicroMarkets gave 365 a view of the marketplace from a unique lens,” said Joe Hessling, CEO of 365 Retail Markets, “It allowed us to see what the consumer wanted, what the operators wanted and what the host company wanted. The Connected Campus is a culmination of that experience. It can combine ease of use for the end user, aggregate the operational and support function for the operator and packages it in one place for the host companies.”

365’s new account system, GMA, is central to the Connected Campus platform and will revolutionize the way customers make purchases! GMA allows customers to seamlessly checkout at any 365 MicroMarket, Nanomarket, Vending, or Dining solution that you operate, all while only having to manage one account!

The benefits of GMA don’t stop at the customer. 365 has designed numerous improvements that will impact the way operators do business:

  • The ultimate Connected Campus can use all 365 devices that you operate, whether they’re in the same building or across the country
  • GMA eliminates the 7 MicroMarket MSL with all your markets will be linked together
  • Clients can be offered the industry leading Connected Campus experience for their MicroMarket, Nanomarket, Vending, or Dining needs
  • GMA provides a quick and easy way to checkout, ultimately reducing wait times and increasing customer throughput
  • The 365Pay app allows customers to quickly and easily add funds to their Global Market Account, ultimately increasing the chances of a sale
  • Account balance liabilities are eliminated since 365 will manage all GMA funds
  • The latest industry account and product technology allows you to stay ahead of the curve
  • Connected Campus can increase your reach to customers by taking full advantage of the entire 365 Ecosystem including:
    • MicroMarkets
    • nanomarkets™
    • 365Inside
    • AV5 and AV7
    • ReadyFlex
    • 365Pay App
    • 365Sidecar

The Connected Campus along with the 365Pay app is available now. For more information or to begin your connected campus, contact our dedicated sales team at [email protected] or call (888) 365.7382.


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