USAT Integrates With Revive Micro Market Cashless System

Oct. 3, 2013

USA Technologies, Inc. (USAT) announced that Revive Self Checkout, utilizing USAT’s Web service, QuickConnect™, has completed integration of its micro market offering with USAT’s cashless payment and telemetry service, ePort Connect®. Customers of Revive can now seamlessly link their micro market credit and debit card processing with their other cashless locations supported by USAT to maximize their business processes and technologies.

According to USAT, its QuickConnect is a Web service that provides developers that already have an application with Internet connectivity and a display mechanism, such as a kiosk or smartphone, with streamlined certification to USAT’s PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, one-stop shop cashless payment service, ePort Connect. Revive is a point of sale technology for micro market applications, a self checkout-based vending offering geared for areas where fresh produce and similar items are in demand.

Adam Arthur, founding partner and chief developer for Revive, said in a prepared statement, “My approach has always been about providing a feature-rich point of sale kiosk with a flexible architecture that allows the customer to manage service options on their own. As a vending operator myself, I believe our open approach lends itself to the most value for the customer. Since we started selling the Revive Self Checkout in 2011, the number one question we received from customers in this regard was if – and when – the customer could integrate their other cashless vending locations that were utilizing USAT’s ePort Connect service with our micro-market solution. Naturally, we are extremely pleased that we can now accommodate those requests.

“Going forward, we are recommending USAT as a preferred solution because they are so easy to work with. I’ve integrated with a handful of other cashless payment providers and USAT’s Web service, QuickConnect, is the easiest credit card provider to setup,” said Arthur. “With other credit card providers, you need to fill out lengthy forms and the pricing is often confusing. Our customers love the 'straight forward' approach USAT offers.”

“We introduced QuickConnect in 2012 to help developers capitalize on the cashless technology trend and the growing demand for self-service as consumers place a greater value on their time,” said Cary Sagady, USAT’s senior vice president of product management and network services. “USAT’s customers benefit from integration options depending on their connectivity requirements, an array of technical support tools and, most importantly, swift access to our PCI compliant, ePort Connect suite of cashless and contactless payment services. QuickConnect is all about helping them develop smarter and faster, with accelerated access to our ePort Connect service.”


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