State Of The Vending Industry Podcasts Allow You To Learn More From Your Industry Peers

July 21, 2010
These past two weeks, has presented a series of podcasts on the State of the Vending Industry Report. Six podcasts have already been posted, and if you havent had a chance to listen them, go to podcasts offer a more intimate experience for our readers. They allow readers to hear operators, suppliers and consultants address the key issues they face.There are a lot of individuals out there who want to succeed in todays business environment. The audio podcasts let you hear them explain in their own words how they are doing this.The operators interviewed in these podcasts are all serious minded individuals who love the vending industry and want to be successful. They offer different strategies, such as hiring outside consultants, diversifying into new services, investing in some new positions, and investing in new technology.What strikes me about these podcasts is the honesty with which operators express their concerns about the vending market. There is no sugar coating the difficult challenges.Some operators address the type of software they use in managing costs. Part of the discussion specifically addresses managing food costs, which is one of the most challenging areas.Operators, when interviewed for an article, try to be positive when questioned about meeting challenges. In the podcast interviews, they pull no punches.Managing costs has become the major initiative among operators in this economy.The no nonsense approach that come across in these podcasts is what operators need to hear.