With sales skyrocketing, Patties Foods has something new for micro market operators

March 27, 2023
After introducing its iconic Four’N Twenty Traveller savory pastry to America, Patties Foods is adding to its highly successful product line.

America is clearly in love with the Patties Four’N Twenty Traveller. Its Classic Beef & Cheese Pastry and the Philly Cheesesteak Pastry have more than doubled in sales over the past year and are becoming a micro market staple. At the upcoming NAMA Show in Atlanta, Patties will introduce two new products, both highly indulgent, one of which will target the fast-growing breakfast channel.

Australian comfort food

Patties Foods is a large Australian food company that is known as the “Creators of irresistible comfort foods.” The Four’N Twenty Travellers are a classic Australian comfort food, available in a number of delicious flavors combined with Aussie beef and gravy, wrapped in a “golden pastry.”

“Four’N Twenty is a brand that is synonymous with the ‘The Great Australian Taste’ and it has been since 1947,” said Jonathan Harnish, USA sales manager for Patties Foods. “Our 5.6 oz. Four’N Twenty Traveller has been a big success in convenience stores and has turned out to be a perfect fit for micro markets, as we suspected it would be.”

Retail presence drives micro market growth

Since the Four’N Twenty Traveller arrived in Pennsylvania about four years ago, the Australian import has taken off in convenience stores nationwide. Harnish believes the strong national presence of the product has accelerated growth in micro markets. “Consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with the Four’N Twenty Traveller,” Harnish said. “Our move into Walmart this fall will have a very positive impact on growth in all channels.” 

New: Southwest-Style Brekkie and the Spicy Loaded Roll

Just launched in past month, Patties’ two newest products are exceeding sales expectations, and Harnish said he is looking forward to see operator reaction to the new selections at the upcoming NAMA Show. “I am very confident about how well these new selections will perform for micro market operators,” he added.

The Southwest Style Brekkie is a meatless option, a breakfast pastry. Harnish explained that the Brekkie has “Three types of beans and a creamy egg sauce on the inside, with a Southwest chipotle flavor – it has a bit of a kick to it.” He added that Patties is selling the pastry as a breakfast item, but customers are enjoying the product all day long, as with many breakfast options.

The Spicy Loaded Roll is an Australian staple. “It’s a beef sausage link with a nice breading that might remind people of what’s often called, Pigs in a Blanket,” said Harnish. “There is a spicy cheese sauce injected into the center of the beef sausage that adds to the great flavor.” Harnish noted that the Loaded Roll is an especially good value, priced slightly below the rest of the product line.

Wide consumer appeal

Harnish points out that in Australia, the Four’N Twenty pastries are the iconic national Australian comfort food, often tied to sporting events. “It's like our hot dog or hamburger at ball games,” Harnish said. “In America, it connects with the active, rugged, hardworking and healthy Australian lifestyle,” he said. “While you think at first glance that it would appeal only to blue-collar workers or tradesmen, it appeals to every demographic.”

Why it makes sense for operators

“One of the reasons why the Four’N Twenty pastries make sense for operators is the clear value that consumers see,” Harnish said. “5.6 ounces, it's packed full of beef.  Americans love beef, cheese and gravy. Not only are they filling, but the selling price, especially today, makes them look very attractive at $3.69 to $3.89 each.”

Harnish explained that the Four’N Twenty name has taken inspiration from the English nursery rhyme “Sing A Song of Sixpence,” specifically the line "Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie." The profit margins for operators could have them singing a tune of their own – with the product cost at around $1.60 each.

What sells it? Flavor.

“We get the same reaction from anyone who tries our Four’N Twenty pastries for the first time,” Harnish said. “They love the flavor and that is why we are experiencing such rapid growth. We are looking forward to serving up these two new products, the Southwest Style Brekkie and the Spicy Loaded Roll, at the 2023 NAMA Show.”

To learn more about the Four’N Traveller savory pastries, visit pattiesfoods.com.au or contact Jonathan Harnish at jonathan.harnish@pattiesfoods.com or call 412-398-5125.


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