Now is the Time for vīv Fixturelite

Feb. 26, 2020

Instant Micro Market Solution

The easy solution for operators: The vīv Fixturelite Market, a joint venture that combines a no-kiosk, app-based solution from Vagabond, with custom designed collection by Fixturelite, inspired by their new Performance Collection. Fixturelite is the leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features

With operators increasing their focus on how to make small- and medium-sized micro markets work, vīv Fixturelite’s kiosk free, turn-key micro market is generating extreme interest and steady orders from operators.

Juan Jorquera, Chief Marketing Officer at Vagabond, said the thought process behind putting together a turn-key solution with Fixturelite was driven by a need to not only serve smaller locations, but to quickly level the playing field for smaller operators.

“While we serve many larger operators, the vīv Fixturelite Market removes many obstacles for smaller operators who are trying to break into the micro market business. Our turn-key solution works. It gives operators an opportunity to partner with two experienced organizations, Vagabond and Fixturelite,” he added.

A Clouded View

While larger operators have a clear vision of the future, one that minimizes the use of vending and utilizes an unattended retail solution like the vīv Fixturelite Market, Jorquera said that many smaller operators struggle with the idea of retiring their vending machines and replacing them with a micro market, despite the huge increase in revenue that comes with such a move.

Steve Closser of Translucent agreed that unattended retail will continue to accelerate forward in 2020, buoyed in part by the ultimate move to micro markets by many resistant operators. “In 2019, we helped over 50 brand new operators get into the micro market business. Based on our schedule for 2020, we now see that smaller operators are beginning to recognize that they have no choice but to move into the micro market business. The vīv Fixturelite Market is a great starting point, especially in smaller locations,” he said.

Major Support for Operators

In addition to receiving quality technology from Vagabond and a beautifully designed market from Fixturelite, Jorquera said that every operator receives a comprehensive micro market success guide that covers everything from marketing, sales, installation support, point of sale materials, case studies and merchandising. 

“Fixturelite was an easy choice as a partner,” said Jorquera. “We both care about aesthetics and style. Fixturelite clearly has the best designed products in the industry and just as important, both teams are trying to do the same thing – working with operators, helping them to succeed, and seeing this industry grow.”

“Educating operators on the importance of micro markets and the power of mobile apps is a challenging process, but the acceptance of this combination of technology and design is trending in the right direction in 2020,” he added.

Get in the Game!

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