A Fixturelite Double Play

Feb. 26, 2020

The Super Bowl is in our rear-view mirror. Players are reporting to Spring Training. Baseball is in the air, and that means two things:

  1. We can shamelessly use baseball terms in our copywriting!
  2. It’s time for micro market operators to pull off a Fixturelite “Double Play.”

First Leg of the Double Play – Minus Forty Coolers

If you think using old bottling company coolers or second-rate freezers in a micro market is an idea that will put you in the big leagues, think again – especially if you are focused on having attractive, well designed markets. In fact, choosing the wrong refrigeration is a minor league move!

“Considering the cost and inconvenience associated with poor performing coolers and freezers, we are directing operators to opt for quality,” said Steve Orlando, an experienced operator of 10 years who co-founded Fixturelite, the leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features. “Our choice is Minus Forty Refrigeration because they manufacture the best cooler and freezer merchandisers on the market.”

When Coolers Go Down – Operators are on the DL (Disabled List)

“Operators are starting to see the positive impact that micro markets have on their bottom line and now understand that it makes sense to invest, to look at the finer details and pay more attention to items like coolers and freezers,” said Julian Attree, founder and CEO of Minus Forty. “Obviously, workplaces today are looking for well designed markets and equipment that will not result in downtime.

When coolers or freezers go down, product and sales are lost, costs occur, and everyone is inconvenienced.”

From a design standpoint, Minus Forty is on their third generation of upright coolers and freezers, now focusing on a look that customers would find in high end market locations.

Minus Forty – A Hall of Fame Career

Orlando said Fixturelite always has Minus Forty coolers in stock ready to ship and has seen nothing but positive feedback from operators who use Minus Forty equipment. “After 30 years in business, Minus Forty has the experience and delivers the quality that our clients are looking for,” said Orlando. 

“Shortcuts on coolers and freezers result in an inconsistent look and an unprofessional appearance. If an operator wants to land great accounts and keep them, it makes sense to invest in quality equipment, especially from a design standpoint.”

Second Leg of the Double Play – A security camera that increases sales

Cameras can be used in baseball to steal signs from catchers. That’s what the Houston Astros did in the playoffs, and it got them into some trouble. For micro market operators, security cameras are essential to protect them from liability and to act as a theft deterrent. 

The enterprise video surveillance system offered by Fixturelite goes much further - offering one feature that can dramatically increase an operator’s bottom line. That feature is heat mapping.

“The enterprise video surveillance system we offer to our clients is like nothing else we have seen on the market,” said Orlando. “The heat mapping feature, which allows an operator to see the traffic flow in a location is incredible – an analytical tool that will show an operator how to modify a micro market design to maximize sales.”  

Heat Mapping – It’s a Home Run!

“Heat mapping is the kind of sophisticated technology strategy that is used by the world’s leading retailers,” said Orlando. “Micro market operators we deal with are stunned by the value of traffic flow information within a market. A simple tweak – the elimination of a dead zone, the enhancement of a high traffic area – these factors can result in a nice increase in sales.”

The enterprise video surveillance system is already getting rave reviews from operators for some basic features that already set the security system apart from others. “This system eliminates the need for local servers, firewall equipment and network video recorders, reducing complexity and lowering operating costs. Each camera stores up to 120 days of video footage within the camera and is accessible via the web,” said Orlando.

From a usability standpoint, operators can share a live feed from the micro market directly to their office or with the client. While the cameras run 24 hours a day, video is broken into one-hour thumbnails for review purposes.

Harder to Steal a Base with this Camera in Place!

The camera can also zoom in on a specific area of the micro market – on a product that keeps disappearing, for example, without being paid for; perhaps identifying who is taking the product but chronically “forgetting” to pay for it.

“This is the right security system at the right time,” said Orlando. “The micro market industry has matured to a point where operators should be embracing the enterprise video surveillance system, not only for the ease of use and simplicity of operation but also for the technology and heat mapping data which can impact the bottom line in a positive way.”

Play Ball!  

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