New Collections for 2020 – Excellence and Value

Feb. 26, 2020

Fixturelite’s products have always been known for certain defining characteristics: 

  • Quality Materials 
  • Striking Design 
  • Ease of Installation 
  • Retail Focus 

The company’s new collections for 2020 elevate Fixturelite’s micro market designs to a higher level.

“With one exception, there is really nothing new in the micro market fixture business,” said Steve Closser, "Fixturelite, however, has introduced a new and improved line-up.” Closser, along with his team at Translucent, provided micro market support and consulting for numerous operators last year, including 50 newcomers. He said he was quite impressed after a visit to Fixturelite’s facility in Phoenix.

A Creative Approach

“Fixturelite found a way to maintain the quality of their product, but have introduced two new product collections that are more affordable,” said Closser. He's calling the new approach “extremely creative,” and pointing to new colors, new trims and new design ideas. “We haven’t seen anyone doing anything like this,” he added. “They have taken the best quality retail merchandising features from their highest end product and found a way to apply those to the new collections.”

The Executive Collection

That high-end product that Closser is referring to, “The Executive Collection,” remains very majestic in style, with double wall construction. The Executive, designed for a client that needs an upscale presentation, can accommodate an unlimited number of breakroom users.

One big change for 2020 is the introduction of the Executive, Version 4, which offers a huge improvement in assembly technique. How the pieces go together has been improved, which has simplified the installation process tremendously.

“Field tests are showing us that this new feature can save a significant amount of time,” said Troy Geis, CEO and Co-Founder of Fixturelite, the leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features.  

The Performance Collection

Designed for a 150-300 person space, the new Performance Collection features single wall construction for quick and easy installation. As standard equipment, this collection offers all the same retail technology that sets Fixturelite apart from their competition – contrasting color interior space that allows the products to be the focus, high lumen LED lighting and merchandising kits which always give the market a well faced look. All necessary hardware is built in. Bags of parts are a thing of the past. Leg levelers add to the simplicity of the installation process and provide a professional, finished look.

The Performance Collection is designed with space limitations in mind. “This new collection can fit into smaller spaces that might not accommodate the Executive Collection, sometimes a challenge for operators,” said Geis.

The Essentials Collection

Engineered for ultra-quick assembly and perfect for small space and population markets, The Essentials Collection is 80 inches tall and 48 inches wide. It is available in a variety of standard colors and is designed to be Fixturelite’s most economical micro market collection.  

“Like all of our collections, The Essentials is modular and completely flexible, and is an ideal fit for spaces previously occupied by a snack and soda machine,” said Geis. “Operators can also choose from numerous available add-on features.”

Key Features in Every Fixturelite Collection

“All of our markets feature quick connect technology. No hardware – no screws to put in. With the Executive’s double wall construction, an Allen Wrench, provided with each shipment, is all that is required. With the other two collections, the locking mechanisms are built in. One quick turn at each hardware location. It’s that simple,” said Geis.

All three collections are modular. All Fixturelite micro markets can stand on their own and they can all be combined with other pieces from the same collection. “They can grow or shrink in size with ease and without waste,” said Geis. “The flexibility of these units for serving a variety of client needs is tremendous,” he added.

Geis and his co-founder, Steve Orlando, are continually working to provide the industry’s best micro market collections. “Our Executive Collection has been a huge success for a long time. This new version for 2020 makes it even better. 

"We saw our customers sourcing different solutions for different spaces or client populations. By adding the two new collections, we are now a one stop shop, with multiple solutions for our customers, while keeping our focus on product quality and maximum value,” said Geis.

Simplicity, Style and Value!

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