VIV Fixturelite: Technology + Design = Turn-key Solution

Oct. 10, 2019

With operators increasing their focus on how to make small and medium sized micro markets work, VIV Fixturelite’s kiosk free, turn-key solution is generating extreme interest and steady orders from operators.

Positive reaction from operators

“We are thrilled with the response to this product by operators,” said Steve Orlando, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, the leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features. “We are not surprised by the operator reaction because the VIV Fixturelite Market solution really makes sense for operators.”

Why the VIV Fixturelite Market is a success

Orlando points to three key factors that make the VIV Fixturelite Market a huge success:

1.    An operator can choose from one of four turn-key solutions.  “We have a configuration designed for small, medium and large markets,” he said. “We have truly simplified the process of setting up a micro market location.” 

2.     Technology for the VIV Fixturelite Market runs off Vagabond’s mobile application. “There is no kiosk, often an essential savings for operators in smaller locations. With that savings, operating a micro market in a small to medium sized location often becomes possible,” said Orlando. 

3.     Impressive design. “Extensive planning has gone into the development of the VIV Fixturelite Market. Whether you are using the small, medium or large version of the micro market, operators enjoy the benefit of having a small footprint solution with an impressive design, backed by the proven quality that comes with using Fixturelite products,” he added.

Loughran: “The VIV Fixturelite Markets are working very well” 

As CEO of Legend Food Service of Connecticut, Kyle Loughran is actively trying to minimize vending and replace it with micro markets. “Especially in smaller and medium sized locations, the VIV Fixturelite Markets are working very well. Typically, the conversion from vending to a micro market results in at least 3X the sales,” said Loughran.

Jorquera: “When you remove that kiosk, the math makes sense”

Micro market app-based technology is still in the relatively early stage when it comes to operator use, but Vagabond Co-founder Juan Jorquera says mobile based solutions will eventually become the majority because there are so many small and medium sized locations to serve. “In those locations, a kiosk just doesn’t make sense,” said Jorquera. “When you remove that kiosk, the math makes sense and an operator can make money.”

Jorquera said the thought process behind putting together a turn-key solution with Fixturelite was driven by a need to not only serve smaller locations, but to quickly level the playing field for smaller operators. “While we serve many larger operators, the VIV Fixturelite Market removes many obstacles for smaller operators who are trying to break into the micro market business. Our turn-key solution works. It gives operators an opportunity to partner with two experienced organizations, Vagabond and Fixturelite,” he added.

Included with a VIV Fixturelite Market:  A micro market playbook

In addition to receiving quality technology from Vagabond and a beautifully designed market from Fixturelite, Jorquera said that every operator receives a comprehensive micro market success guide that covers everything from marketing, sales, installation support, point of sale materials, case studies and merchandising. 

“Fixturelite was an easy choice as a partner. We care about aesthetics and style. Fixturelite clearly has the best designed products in the industry and just as important, both teams are trying to do the same thing – working with operators, helping them to succeed and seeing this industry grow,” said Jorquera.