2019 NAMA Show – Still Paying Dividends

Aug. 9, 2019

If anyone has doubts about the impact of exhibiting at the 2019 NAMA Show, Fixturelite’s Steve Orlando will confirm that the benefits of this year’s NAMA Show have contributed to a very busy spring and summer for his company.

Orlando, an experienced Operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, the industry’s leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features, said he is pleasantly surprised at the consistent inquiries from operators, much of it due to contacts made at the 2019 NAMA Show. 

Geis: “For Fixturelite, it’s been a perfect storm.” 

“The ongoing new business still coming to us from the NAMA Show is a combination of two things,” said Orlando.  “First, the continued and growing interest in micro markets that was apparent at the show. Second, what we were displaying in our exhibit space – our products and our focus on creating thoughtfully designed breakrooms; it really resonated with operators,” he said. “For Fixturelite, it’s been a perfect storm,” added Orlando’s business partner, Troy Geis. 

Vagabond and Fixturelite teamed up as NAMA neighbors to introduce their combined vīv Fixturelite Market, a space saving micro market that leverages the power of mobile payment technology. “We were able to work across the aisle and show customers how we have solutions that work together,” said Bonnie Trush, COO at Vagabond Vending. 

Orlando: “We have provided the core products for over 3,000 micro markets.”

In addition to Fixturelite’s public commitment to helping operators deliver exceptional micro market designs, Orlando said operators are clearly recognizing Fixturelite’s markets as durable, reliable and easy to deal with. “We have provided the core products for over 3000 micro markets. Some operators have been watching us for a year or two before engaging” said Orlando, who understands that operators need to ensure their suppliers are reliable and that they can handle the workload. “Not one market has been returned. They’re still out there performing – year after year,” he added.

Fixturelite’s expanding product line has also contributed to the non-stop new business activity. “The enterprise video surveillance system we are now offering to our clients is like nothing else we have seen on the market,” said Orlando.  Apparently, operators agree. “There has been a steady flow of interest in our video system since the NAMA Show,” he added. 

Closser: “They clearly designed their fixtures with the operator in mind.” 

Steve Closser of Translucent, a micro market consulting firm, knows a great product when he sees it. Closser has worked with Fixturelite and their products up close. In the world of micro market fixtures and design, Closser calls Fixturelite products, “The best on the market.”

Closser also knows a great partner when he sees one. “Fixturelite and their team are well ahead of the game. Their ability to manage all of the moving parts, as well as plan and execute a project, truly stand out in the industry.” 

Geis: “Translucent did a fantastic job setting up our booth.” 

The Fixturelite exhibit at NAMA expressed all of the concepts and features that are taken into account when they work with a customer. “We know we have only one chance, once a year, to create a space that conveys the value behind what we do for our customers,” Orlando said. With increased demand this year, Fixturelite knew they would need extra time to meet with both existing and future customers at NAMA. They turned to Translucent for support. “Translucent did a fantastic job setting up our booth, allowing us to spend more time engaging with people,” said Geis. 

Closser said he knows that Fixturelite has experience as an operator, because “they clearly designed their fixtures and services with the operator in mind. “Their products are easy to assemble and take down when necessary,” he added.  “If you are looking to provide an exceptional breakroom with quality materials and a total design concept, then Fixturelite is the right choice,” said Closser.