2019 – Clients Are Demanding More

Jan. 31, 2019

“In the second half of 2018, we saw a clear trend that is rapidly coming to fruition in 2019,” said Steve Orlando, an experienced Operator of more than ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, the industry’s leading supplier of Micro-Market retail displays, seating and design solutions. “We are getting an increasing number of calls from operators who need design support. Their clients are insisting on exceptional design with unique, creative ideas for the workplace refreshment area.”

Orlando said that in the eyes of clients, the design of a micro market space is becoming equally important as the food selection. “The best locations are demanding something way beyond a little signage, some standard breakroom seating and wire shelves,” said Orlando. “We are responding to the demand with highly innovative design features and the highest quality fixtures.”

“Serious operators who understand the trend and seek to land the best micro market accounts are very excited about our new offerings,” said Orlando, who added that what most clients are looking for is a refreshment space that truly reflects a “Café Culture.”

Popular new design features include:

  • Charging stations
  • Café furniture
  • Parsons tables
  • Specialized living wall décor (featuring live plants)

Orlando said the increasing emphasis on design amplifies the importance of the Fixturelite Design Tool, a user-friendly technology platform that allows the operator to create a detailed rendition of what the refreshed space will ultimately look like. While Orlando and his team provide a great deal of design support for their Operator clients, “The design tool gives Operators a head start on competition and an impressive way to show the client that you are truly invested in providing an extraordinary workplace refreshment area,” said Orlando, who is happy to give Operators a free demo of the Fixturelite Design Tool.

At the same time, for Operators looking to grow, the Fixturelite Design Tool provides some serious sales support. “You can try to impress a Micro-Market prospect by dropping off a few eclectic snacks, a sandwich and a salad, or you can blow them away by sending them a stunning rendition of what their own breakroom should look like,” said Orlando. “This is how Micro-Markets are being sold today. Having a design partner like Fixturelite can make or break a deal"