Exclusive Partnerships Can Lead To Greater Operator Success

Nov. 6, 2018

The goal and growth of achieving 1,000 micro markets in 7 years, is a remarkable testament to dedicated planning, tremendous drive and a management team committed to excellence. Five Star Food Service has surpassed their goal and has quickly become a micro market and vending powerhouse. Due to the company’s commitment to innovation, customer service and strategic partnerships Five Star has seen awesome success. Seeing a smart opportunity to expand their footprint even more, Five Star partnered with 365 Retail Markets early on during their expansive growth. 365 and Five Star have worked together every step of the way with 365 providing the hardware, software, support and their knowledge of the industry in order to help them achieve their goals of transforming breakrooms. Due to this successful partnership, the Five Star management team decided to solidify their relationship and sign an exclusive, long-term agreement with 365 Retail Markets.

“Joe and the team at 365 have been true partners and a tremendous asset to our growth in micro markets, said Al Recher, President and Chief Executive Officer of Five Star Food Services. “We appreciate their commitment and ability to align with our organization and objectives. We see 365 as a core strategic partner as we continue to scale the business.”

Together Five Star and 365 encompass the complete micro markets service solution and draw on each other's experience and industry knowledge. This strong collaboration has driven micro market upgrades and enhancements such as bringing cutting-edge mobile and tablet checkouts to smaller offices. The duo has aligned their organizations to boost the micro market segment into a leading revenue generator for not only their respective companies, but for other operators.

“Having Five Star as an exclusive customer is a testament to the team at 365, said Joe Hessling, CEO of 365. “The Five Star team moves very quickly and demands excellence to keep up with their growth plans, the fact that they have put their trust in us for the next few years took a lot of dedication and collaboration. I am extremely proud of them and their accomplishments.”

As a strategic partner, 365 and its operators have aligned goals that move the industry forward, create better customer experiences, and utilize the latest technology to make micro markets a seamless and convenient way to shop at work. Five Star's decision to enter into a long-term contract with 365 illustrates just how valuable this exclusive partnership is for them and the industry.

"We are here to help operators succeed in this industry," said Hessling. "Having the right exclusive partnership is important as it provides opportunity for growth, strengthens your business, allows you to achieve goals and more. 365 is more than just the technology in breakrooms across the world, we are strategic partners that help operators become successful."

365 is leading the way in exclusive partnerships that will dominate the industry and is excited to announce more relationships in the coming months!


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