5 Benefits To Offering A Seamless Payment Experience

Do you have a large location that could really benefit from having multiple breakroom options? Perhaps the location has a MicroMarket, but would also benefit from having a dining solution, or perhaps an area of vending machines. 365 Retail Markets has developed a solution. The new 365 Connected Campus℠ provides foodservice operators with an innovative and connected portfolio of products to satisfy clients of all sizes. The Connected Campus seamlessly connects MicroMarkets, nanomarkets™, AirVend and ReadyTouch products to create the first fully integrated consumer experience in the workplace. Operators can mix and match any or all of these offerings, allowing consumers to manage a single global market account (GMA) through the 365Pay mobile app that works across all venues.

With the Connected Campus, you can:

1. Improve Efficiency. Within the 365Pay app, the end user can make purchases, add funds to their account and view purchase history. As an operator, you can keep branding and messaging consistent across all of your devices.

2. Go Cashless. The use of cashless payments is up 37 percent as more and more consumers value the convenience of cashless payments. According to a 2016 Nielsen Report, a winning brand recognizes that an integrated approach to payments is necessary to drive sales and engage consumers.

3. Increase Sales. The average cashless sale is 32 percent higher than cash payments. A location that is connected and powered by a mobile app will give you the potential to increase sales with every purchase. In addition, this would give the perfect opportunity to start trying out new promotional campaigns to help move product and drive traffic.

4. Increase Productivity. By offering diverse foodservice options, you are enabling employers to offer their employees a way to satisfy all of their snacking needs in one location. Less trips out to lunch or to a convenience store means more time to get work done. For you, the operator, that means more revenue.

5. Be Flexible. Although the 365Pay app is awesome, consumers can still use their market card, fingerprint or email address to checkout where phones are not allowed or convenient.

There’s no need to turn down customers with diverse foodservice needs. With the 365 Connected Campus, your customers can have it all. And you can feel confident knowing that you have the best technology and support system behind you.

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