Six Areas To Clean Routinely In Your MicroMarkets

Cleanliness is an important determining factor of a consumer's desire to shop in a market. Just as a high standard of cleanliness helps restaurant operators retain customers and grow repeat business (Technomic), the same holds true for MicroMarkets. According to the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA), 95% of shoppers reported that an unclean retail environment negatively influences their shopping decisions. "Shoppers want to feel comfortable when visiting a retail environment and ensuring that a store is clean and healthy is a crucial part,” said Dan Wagner, ISSA’s Director of Facility Service Programs.

In addition to encouraging customers to shop frequently in your market, a regular cleaning routine will also help your equipment to last longer. Dust and debris can interfere with the functionality of your coolers, leading to costly repairs and premature replacements. 

According to NAMA, a MicroMarket route driver needs to have access "to portable water and a sanitation kit consisting of a cleaning pail, disposable towels, detergent and sanitizer in spray bottles and window cleaner" in order to perform a routine cleaning.

At every delivery, route drivers should check:


The coolers are subjected to a lot of handling. Take care to wipe down the glass of the cooler doors, the racks and the handles. This is especially important during cold and flu season. The products will look more appetizing without the fog of fingerprints. 


Just as with the cooler doors, the kiosk is also a high traffic area. Wipe it down to remove fingerprints, sanitize all of the surfaces and check for trash around it.


In particular, the top of coolers and the product racks.

Merchandise Products

Make sure that all products are displayed with the labels facing forward and pull the cords on the racks.


Coffee makes the office go round. If your company offers coffee service, make sure to clean the coffee machine, organize the sugar and sugar substitutes and turn the coffee creamers label-up.

Once every three months, route drivers should:

Cooler Grill

The cooler grills should be cleaned as they get dusty. In addition to being unappealing, the dust can inhibit the power flowing through your refrigerator and make clog air intake. 

Bonus – Tables

Most companies have a janitorial service or cleaning committees, but you can take it up a notch by removing trash from the tables and giving them a quick wipe down.

Don’t let fingerprints, dust, and clutter cause your customers to be turned off from your market. Taking the time to develop and implement a consistent cleaning routine will not only keep you on the right side of health code laws and improve the quality of your equipment, but it will also help you sell more product.