Nayax announces a strategic partnership with Düzey in Turkey

Sept. 15, 2023
The partnership helps solidify Nayax as a global leader in the vending market, enabling the company to continue to grow its market share.

Nayax Ltd., a global commerce enablement and payments platform designed to help merchants scale their business, announced a strategic partnership with Turkey’s Düzey, part of Koç Holding.

The partnership was initiated with the installation of Nayax devices on vending machines in public locations and at Koç Holding factory locations throughout Turkey and will eventually expand to locations in Europe with the potential to bring tens of thousands of units with advanced payment and telemetry technologies, loyalty programs, and new integrations to the region.

Recently, Nayax’s Nova Market self-checkout kiosk was set up at one of Koç Holding‘s TokenFlex locations with 3,000 workers. Nova Market is an intuitive cashless self-checkout solution ideal for micro markets and other self-service businesses. It provides operators with 24/7 management capabilities, accepts open and closed-loop payment methods, and enables a myriad of loyalty programs and prepaid cards making it ideal for offices and other closed-loop environments.

Nayax’s technological capabilities in the payment field, including prepaid cards, makes it an excellent partner for Duzey in this endeavor. Nayax’s end-to-end solution includes cashless payments, telemetry, consumer engagement, management software, and more, enabling vending operators to optimize their business and increase their revenue whether they are located in closed or open-loop environments.

“The feedback we have received so far has been highly positive, indicating a promising start,” Kerem Calban, Düzey, said in the announcement. “Moreover, we believe that the micro market business has high potential and is a complimentary business model to our vending business. In this context, we see Nayax as a company that can provide solutions to help us achieve our goals in this field. Their expertise and capabilities align perfectly with our aspirations, making them a valuable partner in our journey towards success.”

Nayax is continuously working on new integrations, such as a payment integration with the TokenFlex meal card in Turkey, to provide customers around the world with the payment solutions they need.

“This strategic partnership solidifies our position as a global leader in the vending market, enabling us to continue to grow our market share,” Eran Bar, director of sales, Nayax, said in the announcement. “Our leading technologies, commitment to our customers, and our innovative mindset enables us to achieve our goal of simplifying commerce for operators and consumers alike.”

Düzey and Nayax’s collective expertise in the vending industry, along with its innovative technologies and ability to adapt to any market help them provide state-of-the-art solutions for their customers, elevating the vending experience.


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