ansā coffee secures $9M in funding to boost commercial rollout of its micro roaster in workplaces

Aug. 30, 2023
The new capital fast-tracks full commercial rollout across North America of ansā’s hi-tech coffee micro roaster, designed specifically for the away-from-home coffee segment.

Coffee tech startup ansā Coffee announced it has secured a total of $9 million in funding. The new capital fast-tracks full commercial rollout across North America of ansā’s hi-tech coffee micro roaster, designed specifically for the away-from-home coffee segment.

Leading the round is Jibe Ventures, a Tel Aviv-based early-stage fund. Additional participants include Closed Loop Ventures, New Climate Ventures, Millennium Food-tech, and Sweetwood.

“We are excited to invest in ansā, a CoffeeTech startup that embodies our business philosophy hand-in-glove,” Danny Hadar, co-founder and partner at Jibe, said in the announcement. “Coffee is a global favorite beverage with an immense market. ansā not only offers a strong eco-friendly angle but is breaking new ground in the way we enjoy coffee, paving an exciting and greener future for the industry. Our investment strategy places great emphasis on supporting companies that promote sustainability and that have the capacity to make a profound impact.”

The fresh injection of funds will be channeled to fuel commercial rollout of ansā's micro roaster in workspaces across the U.S. and beyond. The fully autonomous mini roaster serves as a sustainable alternative to industrial roasters. It can be placed on a countertop, making it ideal in any commercial space such as a hotel lobby, restaurant, café or shared work environment. The compact, sleek appliance is quiet, smoke-free and cool to the touch. It can roast a single serving of coffee in a few minutes or be programmed to roast any desired amount by a set time using the ansā Roasting app.

“Our micro-roaster is ready-to-market,” Yuval Weisglass, co-founder and CEO of ansā, added in the announcement. “During 2023 we secured commercial contracts nationwide with a lineup of top-tier distributors eagerly anticipating launching the service in prominent locations such as Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, and more! We are committed to broadening our coffee services geographically to meet the growing demand for sustainable coffee solutions, and to bring our unique coffee concept to a wider audience.”

Matan Scharf, ansā's co-founder and CMO, added in the announcement: “ansā is rewriting the coffee narrative by bringing aromatic fresh coffee ‘from shrub to cup’ sustainably. The coffee landscape has long yearned for a rejuvenation. Our mission is to provide consumers with an extraordinary coffee experience, allowing them to engage with green coffee beans while indulging in superior quality coffee at its freshest. And all in the knowledge that they are protecting our planet and the livelihoods of coffee farmers.”

Subscribers receive a supply of specialty grade, 100% arabica beans delivered straight from the coffee field in bulk recyclable boxes. Ansā’s approach to sourcing and supplying coffee beans dramatically cuts the distances coffee beans need to travel by minimizing their transport between farms, roasting facilities and customers, while eliminating the reliance on single-use capsules and other packaging.  


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