Glacier Fresh introduces two soda makers for carbonated beverages

Aug. 30, 2023
The launch of the Sparkin Cold Soda Maker and Sodaology Soda Maker expands Glacier Fresh's product line.

Glacier Fresh, a leading provider of innovative water filtration solutions, introduced two revolutionary soda makers: the Sparkin Cold Soda Maker and the Sodaology Soda Maker. 

The Sparkin Cold Soda Maker is capable of generating cold soda, due to its innovative design and advanced cooling system. With a touch of a button, it delivers a refreshing sensation of chilled sparking water, striking a balance of carbonation and coolness. This versatile machine also functions as a water cooler dispenser, offering sparking and chilled water options to cater to individual preferences. The Sparkin Cold Soda Maker features a comprehensive safety protection system, including a carbonation degree alarm and automatic pressure relief design, ensuring a worry-free experience.

The Sodaology Soda Maker brings a unique carbonation method that infuses CO2 from the bottom, resulting in higher dissolution and bigger bubbles. It elevates the drinking experience by enhancing the flavor and effervescence of carbonated beverages. The wide mouth bottles of the Sodaology Soda Maker allow for easy carbonation of various drinks, including those with solid ingredients like fruit slices, unlocking endless possibilities for refreshing and creative beverages.

The launch of the Sparkin Cold Soda Maker and Sodaology Soda Maker expands Glacier Fresh's product line. It has gained significant traction with its independent e-commerce platform. With its innovative soda makers, Glacier Fresh aims to become the top hydration brand not only in the USA but also in Japan, Europe, Taiwan, and other regions where its products are distributed.

Glacier Fresh, founded in 2015, has been committed to providing healthy drinking water solutions globally. With certifications to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and 53, Glacier Fresh ensures clean and pure water. Glacier Fresh’s state-of-the-art production facility and over 30 patents showcase its dedication to innovation. Its research and development team is constantly pushing boundaries in water filtration, ensuring that customers experience the highest standards of refreshment and sustainability.