Hiru Corporation announces new co-packing agreement with Voss Water

March 27, 2023
The agreement will be for Voss operations in the western U.S. and will be serviced by Hiru Corporation mainly through its manufacturing facilities in Glendale, Arizona, and Denman, California.

Hiru Corporation announced it has entered into a new multi-million-dollar co-packing agreement with Voss Water, a producer of high-end still and sparkling water products.

The new co-packing agreement will be for Voss operations in the western United States and will be serviced by Hiru Corporation mainly through its manufacturing facilities in Glendale, Arizona, and Denman, California.

It will include all types of bottles used by Voss including its cylindrical glass, aluminum and PET for the various water products it markets. According to the new agreement, Voss will provide Hiru Corporation with the appropriate bottles to be used, and the company will fill both still and sparkling water pursuant to their ongoing purchase orders.

Hiru Corporation will be providing a wide range of bottle sizes for Voss. This includes the 330 ml, 500 ml and 850 ml for its clear plastic water bottles; 375 ml and 800 ml for its clear, cylindrical water glass bottles; and 375 ml and 800 ml for its clear, cylindrical glass bottles for its sparkling water. Additionally, the company will be co-packing the specialty flavored water containers that come in aluminum alloy.

Kathryn Gavin, president and CEO of Hiru Corporation, said in the announcement: "This new co-packing agreement with Voss Water has been in the works for several months now and is a natural outgrowth of our ever-expanding ability to meet large client demand on the West Coast of the United States and our successful production history in servicing other similar national brands. We expect this co-packing relationship to become a significant and ongoing revenue source as we continue to meet their future delivery expectations and our manufacturing footprint continues to grow. The Company is growing at a rapid pace and now includes almost all of the national water bottling companies that are well known to the consuming public."

Hiru Corp. is a Georgia corporation and currently has one wholly owned, operational subsidiary, AZ Custom Bottled Water Inc., a Nevada corporation, which owns and operates a commercial water bottling and labeling facility based in Phoenix, Arizona.


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