Electron announces business model change for phone charging station

Dec. 15, 2022
Moving from a pay-to-play model to a flat monthly rental, Electron will pay operators 30% commission for placement, with no investment or involvement.

Electron announced that its business model has changed for its phone charging stations.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the Electron phone charging station for businesses needed to find new locations for its product. In the process, its business model changed for the better, creating a consistent revenue opportunity for operators, according to Nasim Muabbat, CEO and founder of Electron.

“With university campuses shut down, we installed our charger systems in co-working spaces,” Muabbat said in the announcement. “As it turns out, between personal cellphones, work cellphones, earbuds and other small devices, the demand for chargers in the workplace is incredible. Office managers are thrilled because we have solved a major problem for them. We are the cure for low battery anxiety and the ongoing scramble for chargers.”

Electron moved from a pay-to-play model, charging end users per charge, to a flat monthly rental, allowing workplaces to install an Electron station and enjoy unlimited use of multiple chargers. “They love it in white collar, blue collar – every type of workplace. It’s a perfect addition to any breakroom area – especially a micro market,” Muabbat said.

“As employers are becoming dedicated to making the workplace a destination for their staff, the last thing they want to hear is a comment from the employee about how they never had a problem keeping their devices charged when they worked from home,” he said.

“It’s an easy sale. Our charging stations are designed to look like a work of art. Once an office accepts a charging station for a 30-day trial, it never leaves,” Muabbat said. “They pay the monthly rental per unit or they pay for a year at a time and receive a slight discount. Either way, it’s like an annuity for the operator who introduces the concept to their workplace clients.”

From a revenue standpoint, Muabbat said that operators should think of Electron like another version of a point-of-use drinking water system rental or an ice machine rental – consistent monthly income. The difference – no investment, no installation, no service, no headaches. “Just set up a free trial, sign the customer up and start collecting commissions, typically about $350 annually, per unit,” he said. “The revenue adds up quickly and we have no supply chain issues. After the past couple of years, many operators are quite excited about a steady and predictable revenue stream, with no investment and no involvement after the equipment is placed.”

Nasim Muabbat can be reached at [email protected].


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