Electron® Announces New Program: No Money Down – 100% to Operators

Oct. 1, 2020

Operators can try Supernova, Electron's grab-and-go phone charging technology,, in a 60-day trial period. In this new program, operators keep 100% of the revenue.  

Los Angeles, CA - Coming off a very successful launch in Japan and with continued success at major colleges in the U.S., Electron® is offering convenience services operators a new, no money down payment program for Supernova, its plug-and-play charging station that can be positioned on the floor at any locale.

With the new program, convenience services operators keep 100% of the revenue from Supernova and can wait until Jan. 15, 2021, to decide to return, purchase or lease to own the charging station for $29 per month for 24 months. The equipment has a service fee of $19/month, which includes the Nebula dashboard, cellular and SMS. Supernova’s Nebula dashboard allows operators to remotely set pricing for users, track usage data, monitor and maintain equipment.

With Supernova, operators’ customers can simply grab one of the chargers from the station and then bring it back to any station by the conclusion of their rental period, while maintaining social distance. The charger includes both a Lightning cable for iPhones and a USB type-C for Android phones, providing customers reliable access to the many services - from ordering food delivery to digital locks - that require a powered smartphone. Customers can also try it the first time for free, without needing to enter payment information.

With the advent of 5G technology, which will likely build the amount of time people of all generations, especially Gen Z, spend using their smartphones, operators servicing high-trafficked areas such as hospitals, universities, schools and public transportation stations will want to consider adding Supernova to their inventory selections.

“Your Gen Z customers will be thrilled to see the flexibility this service offers them,” Nasim Muabbat, founder and CEO of Electron® said. “College students love it.”

Students at universities across the country, including in Colorado, Florida and Wisconsin, are delivering strong daily usage, taking advantage of the convenience the charging station offers. Chargers can be quarantined for 48 hours after each use in order to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines, a key new feature.

“Supernova is perfect for any high-volume, repeat traffic area, from universities and hospitals to schools and public transportation stations. Operators would do well to take advantage of this unbeatable deal,” Muabbat said. “There’s no excuse for not giving it a try. This is a new revenue source for operators. It’s a proven success and with no money down, it is arriving at just the right time for operators who seek a revenue boost – without spending money.”

For more information about Electron®, visit their website or contact Mark Sutton at mark@Electrontogo.com.


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