Green Globe taps Pelican Group to aid HempBox rollout

July 23, 2021

Pink sheet company Green Globe International Inc., a leading herb and hemp cigarette manufacturer, announced that it has inked a marketing agreement with the Pelican Group, a vending and amusement machine management company.

Under the terms of the agreement, Pelican Group will help facilitate the rollout of 600 of GGII’s HempBox vending machines and provide fulfillment, distribution and service for those machines.

Following a successful deployment, HempBox machines are expected bolster GGII’s financial performance by creating a new revenue channel with a scalable and passive income stream beginning in the current fiscal quarter.

HempBoxes offer THC-free, pharmaceutical-grade CBD, CBG and hemp-infused products for people and pets. They feature robotics, WiFi capability, touchscreen interfaces and cashless payment options.

A video describing the HempBox can be seen here.

Pelican’s agreement with GGII is its latest foray into the vendable cannabis market. Earlier this year the management firm and cannabis firm Chemesis International Inc. announced an agreement to deploy AI-powered CBD machines.


[Photo: Chemesis International Inc.]
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