An Industry Disrupted

June 5, 2018

It's hard to spot what the next big thing will be, especially if you're just starting out, per the Disruption faces businesses on a regular basis due to the rapid advancement of technology and globalization, which allow new businesses to emerge with rapidly declining costs. 

The convenience services industry will feel the disruption through consumers continuing favor of machine automation over human interaction. Millennials in particular place a premium on time and convenience, and therefore favor machines they can interact with more quickly rather than waiting in line for a cashier. Self-service retail attracts more consumers more frequently who buy more. 

Locations that offer humanless retail are becoming more popular than bricks-and-mortar locations because of their convenience, fast pace, and the consumer's desire to have the ability to purchase items without human contact. Technology streamlines the consumer's shopping experience through an automated process. The disruptive industry indicates that automation will continue to advance.