Coffee Enterprise Launches Food Safety & Chemical Analysis Capabilities

May 10, 2018

Hinesburg, Vermont USA - The US Food & Drug Administration Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) changes food safety management functions from response to prevention. Ensuring food safety is a shared responsibility among stakeholders in the global supply of coffee and tea. 

Preventative standards mandate that each company conduct a hazard analysis for their individual supply chain and develop risk-based preventive controls. Coffee Enterprises’ sensory and physical evaluation services detect quality risks and defects to protect the integrity of coffee and tea. Our new food safety and chemical analysis capabilities increase protection against adulteration and contamination. 

Food safety and chemical analysis include the foreseeable biological, physical and chemical hazards to protect the integrity and wholesomeness of coffee and tea as food products. Our services can be utilized in whole or by individual analysis to help prevent food safety risks. Sensory and physical analysis is conducted at our laboratory by our experienced technical staff. Chemical testing is completed under our direction at partner food science/chemical laboratories who are ISO 17025 certified.  

Hazard analysis tests require specialized equipment, and comply with methods published by the EPA, FDA, AOAC, and ISO. Suggested tests for inspection and prevention include: microbiological analysis, mycotoxin screening (including aflatoxin, ochratoxin, & acrylamide detection), pesticide and herbicide multi quantification, pathogen analysis, metals testing, and unsaponifiable material in jute bags.  

To determine the presence of Arabica and Robusta in coffee products, Coffee Enterprises has partnered with TRU-ID for coffee authentication, using molecular diagnostic DNA testing.  

For more information please visit or call our office at +1 802 864-5760 or toll-free in the US +1 800 375 3398 to speak with our technical staff directly.  

About Coffee Enterprises: Founded in 1992, Coffee Enterprises is an independent company providing world-class consulting, technical services, and business intelligence to the coffee & tea industries. Coffee Enterprises does not sell coffee & tea; we conduct unbiased scientific analysis. Our experience enables us to provide insights that assist our clients in making informed decisions in managing their coffee & tea programs by addressing practical issues from a scientific perspective.