REVIVE Micro Markets Upgrades Server System To Increase Capacity, Performance

Nov. 10, 2015

REVIVE Self Service Café has completed the migration of all of its customers to a new enterprise class server system, according to a joint announcement by Joe Loparco, REVIVE Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Craig Brown, President of NoSql Revolution, the Salt Lake City, UT consulting group that was responsible for designing the new system and implementing the changeover.

“REVIVE was beginning to outgrow the capacity of its original servers,” said Loparco, “and we wanted to make sure that we would be able to process an increasing volume of transactions in a fast and secure manner.  We were able to accomplish this without any customer downtime whatsoever…..a singular achievement for which we are justifiably proud.”

Added Craig Brown:  “We simultaneously implemented numerous performance and stability enhancements, which also included continuous data base backups and heightened security protocols. We also created an independent test environment, which will enable REVIVE to integrate with other technology providers quickly and efficiently.”

For more information about REVIVE micro markets, contact Joe Loparco at [email protected] or by calling 704-904-3436.