Three Square Market Announces PCI-DSS v3.1 Rating - The Highest Credit Card Processing Certification

Sept. 24, 2015
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HUDSON, Wis. - Sept. 23, 2015 - PRLog -- Three Square Market (32M) announced today that is has received its PCI-DSS v3.1 Rating Certification. This means that 32M now has the highest PCI certification in the micromarket arena. While 32M has always been in compliance on PCI, this designation now clearly establishes 32M as the industry leader in this category.

"For well over a decade, our systems have been the standard by which others measure against in both segments of our technology business," said Todd Westby, CEO of TW Companies, 32M's parent company. "This certification is something we take a great deal of pride in obtaining, one of our greatest achievements as a company, as it continues to signify that 32M will continue to be the leader in innovation, security and advancements in each of our businesses. I could not be happier for the outstanding work of each of our employees and what they all contributed to ensuring we earned this."

PCI, which stands for Personal Credit Information, has become a hot topic in all retail segments over the past few years. With retailers such as Target experiencing large scale compromises of their system, many operators found this to be a common question when talking with end user locations. In light of this, PCI Standards have been raised and a new level of regulations were issued in May, 2015, labeled as v3.1. You can view 32M's certification on the PCI Validation Website by clicking here. To learn more about the various levels of PCI and credit card processing compliance, click here.

"32M has always been in compliance with our credit card processing certification. However, we felt that earning this PCI-DSS certification was a necessary step to ensure complete satisfaction and confidence from our operator clients, market location clients and the daily market customer," said COO Patrick McMullan. "The challenge in the micromarket/vending arena has been that other competitors have tried to tell the public that 32M and other leader competitors were not PCI certified when all along, 32M and others like Avanti and Breakroom Provisions, have been. None of us would be able to operate in the thousands of locations if we were not. This certification however, ends that talk for Three Square Market and we are pleased to be one of only four companies worldwide to have been certified at the v3.1 level and to now have the highest PCI certification level in the micromarket arena."

32M sees this PCI certification as a critical step as it continues to rapidly grow in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Central America and now soon to be entering the European market. "PCI is like a universal stamp of approval - plain and simple," added CFO Tim Westby. "Having this ensures we can continue to provide our customers the best in service and features and allow us to open markets regardless of where, without hesitation or concern on security."

"And this v3.1 certification is another first in the micromarket arena," added Todd Westby. "We were the first with a smart phone app, kiosk customization, an affordable kiosk, inventory ordering intelligence and many more .... and this won't be the last industry leading news we share this year. Just wait...."

32M is a subsidiary of TW Companies, which owns TurnKey Corrections, Three Square Market, and American Institutional Supply. 32M now has opened over 1100 markets in less than 3 years and continues to forge new relationships that will grow their brand. TurnKey Corrections has been an industry-leader in providing services to county jails since 1998 and now services facilities in nearly 30 states. American Institutional Supply, in addition to supplying products to TurnKey facilities, is a supplier of institutional products to jails, prisons, micro markets, hospitals, YMCA's, schools and more.