Jofemar Participates In AVEX

June 24, 2015

Jofemar UK, Jofemar Corporation’s commercial subsidiary in the UK, will show its new systems at AVEX 2015, including MSK with ES PLUS auto-store, the VISION COMBOPLUS and the Gourmet Hot Food Vendor. AVEX, which will be held from June 30th to July 1st at the Manchester Central exhibition hall, is the most important show in the United Kingdom for the automatic sale and dispensing sector. The event is promoted by the Automatic Vending Association (AVA).

On this occasion, Jofemar UK will be showcasing at its booth some of its most innovative solutions for unattended sales in the retail sector, automatic machines for automated dispensing of all types of products or the Gourmet model, which allows offering pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, precooked meals and other baked products, as well as soft drinks and chilled products.

More specifically, attendees will see firsthand the functionality of the MSK + ES Plus, which stands out for incorporating product selection touchscreens, a variety of payment systems to improve the purchasing experience or a new design, among others. MSK Autostore is designed to facilitate multi-channel strategies such as cross-selling, product promotion applications and social network integration. A powerful combination of dispensing and retail technology to lead growth in key areas for vending such as education, NHS, leisure and staff catering. The MSK Autostore boost revenue, improve labour efficiency and expand customer’s satisfaction in a canteen environment. MSK Autostrore solution enables caterers and vending operators to keep up to date with the latest standards such as cashless transactions, self-ordering procedures, nutritional digital signage etc.

Designed as a selection and prepay system, it features a 27” Full HD touchscreen, an innovative coin mechanism with external recovery motor and it is fitted to equip any payment system (including banknote return), loyalty card readers, up-sale system. Moreover, it can manage up to four vending machines, so it is the perfect complement for the Vision E-S Plus machine. There will also be exhibited some machines of the Vision range, which can offer almost any kind of product, from healthy food items to electronics and cosmetics, depending on customer’s requirements. Manufactured with the most robust materials, these models feature an extra-large soft delivery elevator, a flexible extraction system patented by Jofemar and all the current vending developments such as card readers and telemetry.

Finally, Jofemar will showcase the Gourmet model, Jofemar’s flagship for precooked products sale. Stands out for its integrated microwave which can heat the dispensed dishes. It also includes all the technological advances to optimize stock control, expiration dates, manage sales and increase profitability of businesses and operators.

Speaking in advance of the Show, Managing Director of Jofemar UK, Vassilis Gotsis, anticipates a huge interest in the new machine: “I don’t expect there to be anything quite like the MSK and the Gourmet on any other stand at the Show. The thinking behind it is quite radical, but it is already tried and tested in several other European countries. Both systems offer reliable vends every time, holding a great variety of healthy and traditional cooked food from local suppliers and speeding up the whole ordering process for busy sites”.