Owner Of Ben’s Vending Services Inc. Retires, Drapalla Vending Acquires Routes

June 18, 2015

Ben Ham, owner of San Antonio, TX-based Ben’s Vending Services Inc. announced his retirement after more than 40 years in the vending business. “I am turning my vending routes to Mr. TJ Gossett of Drapalla Vending,” Ham wrote in a letter to his customers. “He will give you the same personal service that you had with me. I thank you for the business with which you favored me and know that you will enjoy doing business with Drapalla Vending.”

Drapalla Vending acquired two Ben’s Vending Service routes. “Ben’s routes fit in well with our business model and how we operate,” said Gossett. “We are excited about the acquisition and the continued growth of our business.”

Established in 1975, Drapalla Vending offers full-line vending services in San Antonio and surrounding areas.