Factory-Installed Water Filter Systems Now Available In Follett Symphony Plus® Base Stands

March 23, 2015

March 2015. Easton, PA – Follett Corporation announced today the availability of new base stand options for the popular Symphony Plus ice and water dispensers. The new base stands feature factory installed and plumbed filter systems so the installer needs only to make the external connections for water and electricity.  

 “We get regular requests to pre-install Follett filter systems into our base units,” according to Gary Gutman, Director of US Healthcare Sales. “This makes life a lot easier for the end user. It cuts down on the onsite installation time by approximately an hour, makes the filters easy to access at the front of the base unit, and eliminates the need to mount the filters on a wall behind the unit.”

The three water filtration systems currently available are the standard capacity carbon system, a high capacity carbon system, and a high capacity carbonless system. All systems filter particles down to 0.5 micron to help extend the life and efficiency of the machines. The two carbon systems also remove chlorine, off tastes, and odors, while the carbonless system allows chlorine and chloramines from municipal water supplies to pass through, helping to inhibit bacteria growth.

Founded in 1948, Follett Corporation is a leading manufacturer of ice-related equipment, including ice machines, ice storage and transport equipment, ice and beverage and ice and water dispensing equipment for foodservice and healthcare markets worldwide.


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