iFair Shanghai 2015 To Include 12th China International Self-Service, Kiosk, Vending Show & More

March 12, 2015

iFair Shanghai 2015 hosted by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. iFair will be held from September 16th-18th 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Products will include domestic and overseas intelligent industry high-tech products, releasing high-end brands and a full range of solutions, gathering numerous government officials, industry leaders, experts and scholars, communicating about the important issues of intelligent industry on the upstream-downstream industry chain. The exhibition will concentrate on policy, markets, technology, capital and other fields to create in-depth exchanges and cooperation, high-end showcases, and promote rapid development of the intellectual industry.

iFair Shanghai 2015 will include the 12th China International Self-Service, Kiosk, Vending Show, the 7th Shanghai International Digital Signage & Touch Technology Show, 2015 Shanghai International Multimedia Application and Human-computer Interaction Technologies Show and 2015 Shanghai International Digital Conference Show will debut at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition area of 25,000 square meters is expected to attract more than 500 well-known exhibitors, and more than 20,000 professional buyers both at home and abroad.

Mature Exhibition Area - Four Intelligence Areas Sharing Complementary Advantages & Resources

With the strong advocacy and support of state and government, the new field of Intelligent Cities and Intelligent Industry is increasingly fierce. The technology involves a wide range and application, in all walks of life. In the industrial chain, the most promising is the software development and application of equipment manufacturing processes. In the application areas, intelligent traffic, intelligent medical care, intelligent retail, intelligent security, intelligent traffic, intelligent logistics also demonstrate strong potential. Based on this, iFair Shanghai 2015 set four intelligence exhibition areas, integrated intelligent industry chain and application areas to show new products and new technologies, leading the intelligent development of various industries. Galleries and exhibits include:

Self-service products and vending machine systems exhibition area

Exhibits cover self-service terminal and solutions, vending integrated systems, self-inquiry terminals, currency recognition systems, self-help printing equipment, mobile payment terminal equipment, smart card reader equipment, dedicated machine suppliers for vending products, related accessories and services and other links. In order to adapt to market changes and development, this year, the exhibition will expand to include a coffee machine and beverage supplier area, new intelligent express cabinet, self-service store and WeChat printer which will prove to be popular exhibition areas.

Digital signage and audio-visual integration technology exhibition area

Exhibits covering upstream-downstream industries, including digital bulletins, digital signage, network advertising machines, multimedia information publishing systems, large screen display terminals, LCD, plasma TVs, LED display systems, 3D naked eye display devices, laser projections, multi-touch screens, transparent displays, infrared touch screens, HDMI transmissions, wireless transmission systems and other related industries, accessories and terminal solutions. Of particular interest is that 2015 will launch a strong new area of intelligent retail, which will be closer to the market front and more closely follow industry development trends.

International digital conference exhibition area

Exhibits include control systems, intelligent conference system equipment, projection systems, display equipment, professional audio and microphones, video conferencing, network access systems, and matrix switches. 2015 will also strengthen the wisdom education and online education applications areas. The show will comprehensively display the industry's most cutting-edge technologies and products, while providing an exchange platform for manufacturers and end consumers.

Multimedia application and human-computer interaction technologies exhibition area

Exhibits include unreal imaging series, interactive projection series, special effects theater series, multimedia software series, multimedia display series, touch series, virtual experience series and multimedia electronic sand table series. Senior industry leaders will comprehensively convey the latest trends in the global media industry chain, allowing global related equipment suppliers, IC suppliers, electronics manufacturers, design and scientific research representatives to get a more profound understanding of the Chinese multimedia industry and promoting its development.

Promote by Association - Cooperate on the Scene

The European Vending association (EKN), National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), European Vending Publishing Association (EVPA), American Digital Signage Association, Digital Signage Consortium & Nano Opt. Media Inc., China Outdoor Advertising Association branch, Chinese Commercial Display Alliance, Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance Taiwan, along with many domestic and foreign industry associations and organizations are providing long term support to iFair Shanghai 2015 and will be the joint organizers holding dozens of professional high-end forums. The Worldwide Vending Operators Conference, China Smart Retail Show, Digital Signage and Retail Summit and China Digital Signage Conference, will share new product concepts, and new technologies for exhibitors and visitors alike to enhance their brand influence and provide business solutions.

2014 Exhibition Highlights

Famous Brands The 2014 show ended on September 27th, and attracted many industry leaders gathering at the event including Samsung, AMD, Intel, Panda, Shuttle, VIA, Ode, Aviation Yang Tian, Fast Leopard, New Rhythms, Shiv, Chuang Xian, Lian Jian, Qian Lin, Xin Ye, Qi Poor's, Wal-Fly, AOPEN and Hua Xin, Fuji Bingshan, Aucma, CPI, Easy Touch, Lei YunFeng, Snow, Kimma, Yunmao, Miquan, Zhong Ji, Le Mei, Jun Peng, Yi Le, GRG Banking, Jin He, Fu Lei, Jia Feng, Fujitsu, JCM, Minhao, Kubota, Han Tai, Hua Min, Qian Lin, San Dian, Tsukuba, Tailite, Ai Feng, Zhou Yi, Happyline, Cheng Shi, Jv Jie and many other companies.

Exhibit Highlights Ultra-narrow seam technology from Samsung, 3.5mm Stream TV 3D technology, Lian Jian's naked eye HD LED display, New Rhythms somatosensory technology, several new vending machines from Fuji Binshan, Jin He industrial's intelligent fast terminal, Fu Lei's self-help lottery equipment, and Green Horse's Orange Juice vending machine all provided the exhibition with a full sense of science and technology, and a new and fun experience for viewers and buyers.

Visitor objectives and satisfaction In the visiting purpose, 39.81 percent of visitors attended in order to collect market information, 32.23 percent of visitors were looking for a partner, 11.37 percent of visitors were there to assess the show for future exhibiting, 10.43 percent of visitors made purchases, 3.08 percent of visitors participated in similar activities. Through post-show research on exhibitors, 75 percent of exhibitors were satisfied with the event, and 70 percent of exhibitors recognized the visitor quality.