Two Delaware Bars Install Breathalyzer Vending Machines

Feb. 9, 2015

Two New Castle County, DE, bars have added breathalyzer vending machines, according to Delaware Online. The Boozelator 5000 dispenses straws to patrons for $1 each that the patron then uses to blow directly into the wall-mounted device. The machine displays the user’s blood alcohol concentration.

Vending company owner Michelle Ganzman has placed the machines in two Delaware locations, in addition to one Maryland location. The machines, according to the source, are meant to “help patrons get a better handle on their sobriety before they walk out the door.” The Boozelator vending machines are manufactured by Florida-based company Blo Dad & Sons.

The source reports that there is some concern about the accuracy of the machines and that they could give a false sense of security to users. A Boozelator spokesman told Delaware Online, however, that the machines use a platinum fuel-cell conductor—like breathalyzers used by law enforcement—and give results that are not affected by other factors found in air space at a bar.