Juice Cold Pressed Announces Automatic Raw Juice Bot On KickStarter

Sept. 5, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The creative minds behind Juice Cold Pressed and Raw Juice Bot have launched a KickStarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2040293083/juice-cold-pressed-introducing-raw-juice-bot) to finish their commercial model kiosk. As soda and highly processed juice sales have steadily declined in the past decade, they have been replaced with healthier drink options, such as raw juice. However, raw juice retains optimal freshness for only up to two days due to oxidation. In order to expand, many companies are cutting corners by using the same distribution system as soda (nationwide shipping, warehouse storage, processing, bottling, etc.) for mainly economic reasons. This significantly alters and reduces nutrients and enzymes in the product by the time it reaches the customer.

There is Another Way

With the current distribution system, it is impossible to get a juice that is locally made, bottle-less, made without HPP, and pressed fresh within 48 hours. That’s why we made our own distribution system specifically for raw juice.

Main Features

  • 24 Customizable Combinations: 4 tanks inside the kiosk: Greens, Roots, Citrus/Fruits, and Seasonal. Can be mixed and matched per ounce: experienced raw juice drinkers may prefer to have a vegetable-dense drink, while consumers new to juicing may prefer a more fruit laden juice.
  • You Bottle It: The kiosk contains clean jars on the right side of kiosk for customers. The jars are reusable and will not leech dangerous chemicals into your raw juice like plastic can. Also BYOB that is clean.
  • 22 Inch Interactive Screen: Display nutritional and sourcing information, tutorials, and feedback option.
  • NAMA Certified.
  • Self-Cleans After Every Use: Dispensing compartment has an automatic door that opens only for customers. In-place flush system after every use, as well as UV rays that disinfect the compartment.
  • Plug and Play: At only 15 sq. ft., our kiosks can fit in almost any gym, yoga studio, office, headquarter center, and apartment buildings. Furthermore, a water hookup or plumbing isn’t needed, which differentiates us from other vending machines. Everything is self-contained for easy installation.
  • Pressed in Your City: Commercial kitchen in every major city that we enter. This way, your juice is always pressed and distributed locally.